October 2022

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Temporary transport and warehousing slowdowns at Ningbo due to Covid

October 2022 - The national holidays coupled with increased Covid restrictions across China are giving rise to blank sailings and another potential round of transport delays - most notably in Ningbo. Customers should also be aware of the approaching festival season in India and potential delays to transport and operations as a result.

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Greater China

  • Some localised lockdowns are in place across small areas in cities including Shanghai. Please be aware of potential delays in affected areas.


  • A large number of blank sailings were announced following the national holidays at the beginning of October.

  • Due to a recent outbreak of Covid-19 in Beilun, Ningbo, the majority of warehouse and terminal operations have been suspended. Trucking has also been impacted with a current estimated capacity of around 20%. Applications and approval in advance of trucking operations are required. The Röhlig Logistics Ningbo team remain in-office and available to assist with any inquiries.



  • China outbound market rate continuing to rise week-by-week post-national holiday from almost all AOL.

  • Space is tight, especially to the US, Europe and Australia.

  • Due to the National Congress held in Beijing until Saturday October 22, oversized cargo is rejected at almost all AOL until the end of October.

  • Be aware of delays at XIA/CGO due to pandemic-related restrictions.

  • China inbound market remains stable at a high level.

  • Röhlig Logistics Taiwan reports similar conditions to last month, with global inflation impacting the export market and frequently adjusted rates every 1-2 weeks.



  • No serious interruptions to domestic trucking nationwide but some localized restrictions will require frequent Covid testing and checks.

South Korea


  • All bound import and export sea freight rates are falling.

  • Be aware of high volatility.

  • Another cargo union strike is expected in October. Regular schedule checking is recommended.


  • Fuel surcharge falling as well as base air freight rates.

  • Still no signs of any kind of peak season on the horizon.



  • No severe port congestion at transshipment hubs in Port Klang and Singapore as roll over remains at an average of 1–2 weeks.

  • Carriers continue with blank/void sailings for TPEB, FEWB and Oceania trades. This is mainly for schedule recovery purposes due to port congestion overseas.

  • Only a few instances of equipment shortages on selective outports due to trade imbalances.

  • Carriers are aggressive in term of pricing for both inbound into Southeast Asia and outbound from Southeast Asia to/from various origins/destinations in order to fill up their space.


  • Sustained increase in belly capacity as the increase in passenger flights continues.

  • Expect a spike in fuel surcharges as increasing numbers of passenger flights boosts demand for jet fuel.

  • Challenges in sea freight into the US may cause a sudden, but temporary spike for US rates.

  • Freight rates for Intra-Asia and Europe are expected to remain stable.



  • Currently no challenges to report at any hinterland or gateway port.

  • Diwali is approaching on  October 26, please be advised of potential delays around the holiday period as many personnel will be on leave.


  • Air freight continues to run smoothly without any operational problems at the time of reporting.

  • Almost all airlines are slowly recovering their pre-pandemic schedules and space, however this is not yet reflected in air freight rates.

  • The Government of India has implemented GST 18% on air freight.

  • Production and therefore air freight volumes may slow as we enter festival season.

  • Import rates are stable but still far away from the pre-pandemic level.


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