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Smooth customs clearance saves time and money

When moving goods in and out of a customs territory, the goods have to be handled under customs and tax law before they can be released into free circulation. Whether you send goods abroad as an exporter or whether you want to import goods from abroad as an importer, or whether you choose completely different transportation routes – your goods have to be cleared in all countries of departure and entry. Each country has its own different rules depending on the customs agreement in place. As a global logistics service provider in global trade, our customs experts know the provisions and guidelines of each country from which we export or into which we import, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

The issue of customs and the factor of time

Customs clearance is a key time factor in the transport chain. Delays in the supply chain mean higher costs. That’s why, if necessary, we carry out customs clearance when the goods are en route. We prepare customs clearance here. When the goods arrive at their destination, our experienced customs agents clear them without any delays and the goods can then be released into free circulation.

Customs consultancy – deadlines and costs at a glance

Our customs experts make sure goods are subject to the right customs registrations and handling. This not only avoids delays, but also unnecessary costs and fees. There are also lots of options that experts can make the most of. They are also able to identify pitfalls that need to be avoided.

Our global experts keep an eye out for you on the ground.

The tool to track your consignment – Röhlig REALTIME

Track & trace is an important tool for tracking consignments that allows you to efficiently manage your supply chain. Our customer portal Röhlig REALTIME, which is easy and intuitive to use, gives you an overview of the status of your orders – including customs clearance status. Data can be easily exported as Excel tables. Regardless of whether you’re in the office at your place of work or on the move around the world, Röhlig REALTIME is optimised for various end devices: desktop, tablet or smartphone. So you always know the status of your freight.

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