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Special transports are our strength: How we as an international forwarding company plan your individual project and implement it successfully

In project logistics, transport projects that are more complex, more extensive, more challenging and often oversized than average are carried out. As an experienced international forwarding agency we specialize in this area. Our expertise is your assurance for a safe execution and smooth target achievement of the project. Whether you need to move parts for industrial equipment, heavy machinery or complete production sites - we know the best possible transport routes and the best possible handling for your loading. More than 2,700 Röhlig employees with their experience are available to help you in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Our services at a glance:

  • Worldwide shipments with scheduled and charter shipping companies
  • direct and charter flights
  • Cross trades across all continents
  • Pre- and post-carriage on road, rail and inland waterway
  • Worldwide door-to-door transport services
  • Special transports
  • oversize and heavy load shipments
  • Break bulk
  • full loads / individual consignments
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management
  • Tracking and tracing with Röhlig REALTIME
  • Transport insurance
  • Customs clearance, document management
  • Packaging and labeling
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Project logistics - more than just container shipping

Companies today work worldwide and are globally interdependent. Production sites are relocated, oversized or heavy industrial or component parts often have to be transported across continents - there are no limits to project logistics. But one thing connects all these projects: they have to be planned individually and in detail. In most cases, special transports are used because the load is larger, higher, wider or heavier than average. As our experienced team of experts acts in a conceptual and detail-oriented manner, we as an international freight forwarding company ensure successful completion - from the initial offer to the completion of the project.

With our 150 branches we implement intelligent transport solutions on all continents - we are the experts for your project

From the big picture to the details: the analysis of the flow of goods is the foundation for success

For you as a customer, one thing is important: the final result. We'll take care of the rest. Before we quote your project and provide you with a detailed offer, your project will be scrutinized by our project logistics experts. Which modes of transport are needed? Which shipping company is the best for the route? Which countries are involved? Our globally networked Röhlig branches are in direct contact with each other. This way, we can ensure that all relevant information and country specifics are exchanged within a short period of time so that your order is carried out safely and quickly.

The success is based on a well thought-out transport concept

Size is the decisive criterion in project logistics. For this we think beyond well-known paths during transport. Every traffic route must be reconsidered and calculated - individual solutions are required. Our transport concept includes various building blocks, such as project coordination and communication, a detailed list of modes of transport and quality management. As a service we offer two concept variants, which differ in the cost and performance structures. Our project experts are experienced logisticians who make the right decisions based on many years of experience.

With worldwide special transports to your destination: at sea, by air, on land

Through practical experience, our freight experts know which means of transport are suitable for your freight - from special transport by road, rail transport, to separate delivery by plane, container, heavy cargo or roll on / roll off ship - for each stage we are the optimal means of transport. Security, time and costs are the focus of our decisions.

Full loads and single consignments: individual deliveries of your special freight

There are cargo parts that are delivered exclusively because of their size or weight. Here we use special charter ships and aircraft, which are selected precisely for your cargo. Our many years of cooperation with global air and sea freight carriers make it possible to react quickly and to negotiate attractive conditions.

Cross trades - transcontinental logistics is our strength

Cross trade means the cross-border transport of consignments where the consignor's place of business, the place of dispatch and the place of receipt are in different countries. This is the case, for example, when a company based in Germany sends its shipments from a location in China to a destination in the United States or a New Zealand shipper sends goods from Italy to the United States. On the transport route, the goods may be transshipped in other countries or passed through transfer countries. In addition, they are not always pure "triangular transactions" - often other participants are involved in the transport chain.


A solid global network of partners as well as detailed country knowledge is extremely important at Cross Trades to ensure smooth transportation.


The advancement of globalization places increased demands on the control of goods flows, because the production develops across borders. This leads to a strong growth of cross-trade transports in international freight traffic. The implementation of these cross trades are usually carried out multimodal, that is to say with different means of transport (seagoing vessels, aircraft, trucks). Often, combined transport takes place within the framework of a multi-unit transport chain.

Cross-trade transports therefore place increased demands on logistical planning, organization and implementation. Various international partners are involved in the processes and must be closely coordinated. The complexity with regard to customs clearance, taxation and settlement is also increasing. This is especially true for cross trades off common transport routes. These special transports place high demands on the logistics processes and require a great deal of experience and a reliable network of partners.

Door-to-door deliveries: we organize your supply chain door to door

Upon request, the transport will start directly at your location. In order to implement complex projects in such a way that the transport runs smoothly door-to-door at every step of the supply chain, precise planning and cooperation with reliable partners is necessary. This is how we execute your multimodal transport as planned. When transporting entire plants, heavy goods transports are usually also required, in which legal provisions must be observed as well as the geographical and logistical conditions on site.

We organize the entire preliminary run, order the heavy goods transport, take care of all safety regulations as well as the customs clearance and all necessary documents. As Authorized Economic Operators (AEOC and AEOS) we take over all formalities of customs clearance in import and export for your shipment. Customers have the control and overview of their delivery at all times. Shortest possible transit time  and, if possible, last-in-first-out have priority for us.

A precise knowledge of the current conditions in transit countries and at the destination are necessary in project logistics. Caster is a big topic, especially in countries with low infrastructure. Through our extensive partner network on site, we are always familiar with the basic conditions - and also know all the current peculiarities. As a result, for example, city transits with heavy goods transports can be planned safely. Pre-visits by our partners ensure that the transport is carried out as planned. On request, we also accompany your door-to-door transports personally.

We always find the right solution for transport in the last mile, so that your consignment reaches the destination point in an optimally coordinated manner, door-to-door.

For complex project logistics enterprises it is sometimes necessary to plan different loads parallel to one another. With us the planning and handling are carried out from a single source - your contact person is available to you during the entire project period.

The process: in one hand from beginning to end

Trust is an important building block in project logistics. You put your project in our hands and we assure you a safe and professional project. From the quotation phase to the completion of the project, we ensure that you have a permanent team of experts with a main contact person at your disposal. In our kick-off meeting we define a communication policy together with you. This way, we ensure transparent processing and a constant transfer of information about the project status. In addition, you can track your shipment at any time using our tracking and tracing tool Röhlig REALTIME. Of course, we take into account the current data protection regulations and disclose with you on request further confidentiality agreements. Your individual contact person is a professional expert and a trusted insider for your project.

150 offices in over 35 countries worldwide

More than 2,700 Röhlig employees work daily for the benefit of our customers. We regularly engage in communicative exchange and maintain collegial contact across all continents. Our own network is supplemented by reliable and long-term partnerships with agents.

We bear responsibility: how Röhlig deals with health, safety and environmental protection

Costs, deadlines and services characterize the global project business. In addition, with our high quality standards, we also ensure compliance with and implementation of Health Safety Environment Management. Trained HSE managers control both transport safety as well as occupational safety and environmental protection. This starts with safety shoes and ends with obtaining the certificates of the carriers. Reliable cooperation with selected partners are important pillars in our project logistics.

How your project benefits from digitization

The search for the best possible production sites is increasingly leading companies to not only ship their goods worldwide, but also to make site changes for entire areas of the company. As a specialist for project logistics, we are at your side with our entire range of services. The advancing digitization offers clear advantages here: it ensures faster processes and reliable delivery. As an agile company, we rely on an optimal mix of digital tools and personal advice. Our IT subsidiary Röhlig blue-net develops individual interfaces and web solutions.

The tool to track your consignment – Röhlig REALTIME

Always know the status of your cargo, evaluate and use data: In order to manage your logistics network efficiently, Röhlig blue-net offers digital solutions for your logistics projects. Our track & trace system Röhlig REALTIME is user-friendly and intuitive to use. It shows you the status of your orders at a glance. Data can be easily exported as an Excel sheet. No matter where and how you work, Röhlig REALTIME is optimized for different end devices: desktop, tablet or smartphone. So you always know the status of your freight.

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