August 2022

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Fuel surcharges decrease as peak season approaches

August 2022 - Operational slowdowns at Frankfurt continue to impact flight schedules between Asia and Europe. However, fuel surcharges and some airfreight rates are decreasing as more space becomes available. At sea, blank sailings prevail with ongoing congestion at transshipment hubs at Singapore and Port Klang.

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Greater China


  • Ports are largely operating ‘normally’ under the Covid-related restrictions including regular testing for personnel.

  • Blank sailings continue as shipping lines aim to get capacity under control.

  • FEWB space from main ports remains an issue.

  • Röhlig Taiwan reports a decrease in market demand, with rates decreasing across the majority of trade.



  • Some cancellations reported between Shanghai PVG and Europe/USA. Fewer CK passenger-freighters to Europe due to reduced cabin-load.

  • The weekly rate from PVG has risen slightly alongside other nearby uplift airports.

  • Röhlig Taiwan reports an ongoing production line slowdown and materials shortage due to Covid-19 restrictions in China. Airlines are adjusting flight frequency and allocation per market demand. Air rates may fluctuate on a weekly basis. However, the fuel surcharge has been declining since the end of July.

  • Flights to/from Taiwan have gradually resumed following military exercises in the area.



  • Our Truck-Air service via Almaty continues to run smoothly, with space still available. Transit times are slightly extended due to congestion at the CN/KZ border (door-to-door 17-21 days).


  • Rail space is tight and booking is required at least 15 days in advance. Contact our Rail Team at to learn more.

South Korea


  • Following strikes at six port terminals, operations are still facing bottlenecks nationwide.

  • Imports and exports decreasing as vacation season begins.


  • Cargo volumes are decreasing due to the holiday season, however rates are still climbing due to frequent cargo plane cancellations

  • Fuel surcharge is set to decrease in the latter half of August.



  • Carriers continue with blank/void sailing for both TPEB and FEWB trade. Overall market space remains open with no space issues across all trades.

  • No serious equipment shortage reported for SE Asia ports, with only selected outports experiencing issues due to trade imbalance. Carriers are moving to promote inbound from surplus areas such as origin Europe and USA ports.

  • Slight decline in rates for inbound cargo from Europe, USA and China into South East Asia ports in order to fill up the backhaul space and empty repositioning.

  • Outbound rates overall remain stable with no drastic changes on freight. Carriers remain cautious in terms of pricing as current FAK spot rates are lower than earlier signed contractual rates.

  • Market outlook remains uncertain ahead of the upcoming peak. Currently no sign of any surge of volume.


  • Lower rates expected to increase as the peak season gets underway.

  • Most carriers have reinstated their flights at around 80% capacity compared to the pre-pandemic period.

  • Fuel surcharge expected to decrease over the coming months.

  • Overbooked passenger flights reducing belly-space capacity have caused some lane rates to spike.

  • A slowdown in operations at Frankfurt (FRA) has caused delays and flight cancelations impacting cargo transit times into EU. This is reportedly due to staff absences from Covid, bad weather, rescheduled outbound flights and unpredictable plannability.

  • Airspace over Russia and Ukraine remains closed and this continues to affect overall capacity and rates.


  • Upcoming Independence Day holiday on August 17.



  • Upcoming National Day holiday on August 31.


  • Ongoing congestion at transshipment hubs. The possibility of a missed connection remains high.



  • Ongoing port congestion at Singapore transshipment hub. There is still 2–3 weeks rollover for transshipment at Singapore on selective trade with a high chance of missed connection.


  • Upcoming holiday to mark H.M Queen Sirikit’s Birthday on August 12.


  • More space on almost all lanes but rates are yet to budge as carriers aim to maintain the market rate.


  • Space available and at lower rates compared to the previous quarter due to rising numbers of passenger flights.



  • Rates remain unchanged.

  • Equipment and space available.



  • Operations remain normal with increased space and slightly reduced rates.



  • Currently no delays reported at any hinterland or sea port.

  • Equipment available for customers with advanced planning and forecasting in place.

  • Shipping lines continue to conduct blank sailings with disruptions in loading/discharging of boxes expected.


  • With monsoon season approaching its peak, customers are advised to take extra care when selecting packaging materials to avoid damage from rainwater, particularly for inbound cargo.

  • Freight rates for shipments into India are increasing. The current operational slowdown at Frankfurt (FRA) has had an impact, delaying those shipments moved on standard tariff.

  • Freight rates for shipments out of India have stabilized and are expected to decrease due to additional capacities.


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