We carry your clothing lines fashionably on time​​

Global textile logistics made seamless

Adaptability, speed and anticipation are key in the fashion and retail industry. At Röhlig Logistics, we live and breathe the challenges that fashion retailers, textile merchants and apparel suppliers face and we understand that requirements vary from business to retailer. That is why dozens of the world's most recognisable household clothing brands truly rely on us. 

As a global logistics provider, we offer one central place for all your fabric shipping:

  • Clothing, garments and apparel 

  • Textiles 

  • Fashion retail and accessories

It is simple. We become an extended arm of your business and we take care of the pressures on your supply chain.

What our customers say: 

"We have received exceptional service for the transportation of clothing ranges. The Fabric team are knowledgeable, professional and a delight to work with - no task is too difficult for the team - their approach has made it so simple for our team."


  • Agreed container space and airline blocked space on the Röhlig global core carrier program

  • 'Go-To' Key Account experts that know your business at origin and destination

  • Niche market catering to high end fashion customers; a high end solution that treats garments with the utmost attention to detail (e.g. bridal) 

  • Intuitive full shipment visibility: anywhere, anytime with Röhlig REALTIME

  • Bespoke reporting system, tailored to your requirements 

  • Adaptable to suit: new fashion seasons, product launches and exhibitions

Contact our experts to learn more about Our Fabric Solution

Robert Lawry • Phone +44 7557 153 490 • robert.lawry@rohlig.com 


Fabric and garment shipping made seamless

Whether you are shipping raw materials or finished fashion goods, Our Fabric Solution is designed to help manage the supply chain of global clothing brands. Our dedicated team understand the pressures on wholesale and retail businesses and we have the expertise, experience and global network to help manage the demands on your supply chain.  

Your trusted logistics partner  

For clothing and apparel brands looking for a knowledgeable and reliable partner, we offer a range of services suitable for the textile industry. Whether you are planning ahead for the next fashion season, showcasing the latest ranges at retail shows, sourcing raw materials or just need a swift delivery of goods to meet with unexpected consumer demands, we offer tailored solutions for fashion brands.  

An extended arm of your business   

At Röhlig Logistics we recognise the value of a smooth running supply chain system in the textile industry, as any disruption will cause challenges to your business, not to mention loosing money. That is why our experts will assess and analyse your supply chain to put a plan of how to become more efficient, whilst seamlessly integrating with your business. It is simple. We become an extended arm of your business and we take care of the pressures on your supply chain.

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