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Our close partner ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is a leader in complex logistics solutions. Rohlig SUUS has been delivering effective logistics and supply chain management solutions for nearly 30 years and has gained a high reputation.

With headquarters in Warsaw and numerous offices in Poland, Röhlig SUUS have been focusing on the strategic development of a services package for the Eastern-European market. Today they have several offices in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia, the Slovak Republic, as well as a branch office in Budapest, Hungary.

Offering business across the world connects Röhlig and Rohlig SUUS. In close cooperation we deliver customized global air and sea freight, intermodal and rail freight solutions, particularly across the Middle East and Far East routes. It completes our range of global services.

Special Services: 

In Poland, Rohlig SUUS has developed its own domestic LTL distribution system with a 24h delivery efficiency. Throughout Europe, they operate a partnership system that serves around 200 regular groupage lines per week. Furthermore, our premium partner offers warehousing services in their logistics centers boasting a total area of over 330,000 square meters, equipped with advanced technologies and environment-friendly solutions. 

Röhlig SUUS is constantly looking for and implementing cutting-edge IT systems and applications in all areas of freight operations.

Get in touch to ensure the utmost quality of advanced logistics project and complex supply chain services in Eastern Europe: 

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ROHLIG SUUS Logistics Hungary Kft.

Széchenyi utca 92. 1.em

HU-2220 Vecsés

+ 36 30 177 4235





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Head office address
Wass Albert u. 10, HU-2220 Vecsés

Managing Director
Attila Gonda

Year of establishment


Main airports
Budapest, Debrecen, Sármellék,
Győr-Pér, Pécs-Pogány,
Fertőszentmiklós, Nyíregyháza,
Siófok, Szeged