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Especially in the automotive industry, there are high demands on the efficiency of supply chains for economic production. Idle assembly lines mean immediate economic losses. At the same time, the challenges of ensuring reliable material deliveries under changing global influences, such as the Covid 19 pandemic, steadily increased. As a modern, flexible logistics service provider, we offer the necessary agility and performance for the automotive industry through our global network, many years of experience and strong digital expertise.


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Our solutions for the automotive industry


Successful inbound logistics ensure that the parts and raw materials needed for production always arrive on time. Material bottlenecks and the associated production downtimes must be avoided just as much as overcapacities in warehousing or inefficient deliveries (e.g. due to too large free loading areas). Röhlig offers comprehensive and highly customised services for inbound logistics in the automotive industry.

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Spare parts logistics  

Not only material deficiencies, but also defective production machines can lead to the standstill of a production line. It is crucial that spare parts can be delivered as quickly as possible. Röhlig supports automotive customers with a whole range of services, for example with a stock of frequently required spare parts close to production or also with rapid delivery by an onboard courier.

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Production Logistics 

While the route of inbound logistics leads from the supplier to the factory gate, production logistics refers to in-house delivery processes of materials, operating supplies, spare parts, etc. These can take place within a production site or between individual sites. Efficient warehousing is also part of production logistics. As an experienced logistics service provider, we offer convincing services for production logistics in the automotive industry, which can be individually adapted to the respective needs.

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Purchase Order Management 

Ordering processes consist of many individual phases. Our purchase order management systems accelerate and automate ordering processes while reducing potential sources of error. Depending on your needs, we can support your complete ordering process or individual phases with our solutions.

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Our logistics service components

Supplier management

To a large extent, smooth production processes depend on the right parts always being delivered at the right time. Hardly any other industry relies so heavily on optimised and reliable supply chains as the automotive industry. A key factor is the management of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. We secure your supply chains on different levels:

  • Forecast for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers
  • Pick-up orders from Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers
  • Space allocations
  • Bookings with carriers/shipping companies
  • CFS (Container Freight Station) loading
  • Export declarations

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Consolidation centres 

Our consolidation centres organise the flow of goods as economically and efficiently as possible - worldwide!

Your advantages:

  • Economies of scale through bundling of orders
  • Back-up products for cargo surpluses
  • Possibility to fill containers in sequences Palletising, slip sheets
  • Maximum container utilisation through container filling plan
  • Deliveries to final destinations worldwide
  • Inventory and freight control at point of origin
  • Order monitoring, tracking and invoicing via a single IT platform

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Cross-Border Management 

Global flows of goods have to cross many national borders, and only knowledge of local requirements and processes can guarantee smooth operations. We have an extensive network, our own globally distributed locations, long-standing relationships with local competent authorities - including the necessary certificates - as well as the highest level of expertise in cross-border operations, for example in Mexico or Canada. This enables us to organise cross-border flows of goods as efficiently as possible.

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Control Tower Logistics 

In our control towers, we manage, organise and monitor the processes along the supply chains. They are the central information hub between suppliers, customers, forwarders and end customers. All the necessary data converge here and can be processed centrally - including the possibility to react to problems in real time. Our Control Tower logistics makes the entire flow of goods from origin to destination transparent and allows constant optimisation based on the incoming data. Our Control Tower concept can be individually tailored to our customers' requirements and extended with a range of value-added services.

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Example of our Control Tower concept. Central processing of a wide variety of data points along the supply chain.

Just-in-time / just-in-sequence delivery 

JIT and JIS deliveries to production lines are an integral and important part of the supply chain. Deep integration into our customers' production systems is the key to success. Not only do we ensure that your components and parts arrive on time before assembly on a production line, but we also provide visibility to optimise your processes and maximise reliability.

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Inventory control

Knowledge of current stock levels and supply chains are inextricably intertwined. Traceability and visibility of transactions within the warehouse are critical to the integrity of your supply chain.

We offer:

  • Establishment of reorder points and demand forecasts
  • Tracking of all SKUs and associated product data
  • Picking of product bundles / "kitting"
  • Carrying out stock checks
  • Creation of warehouse labels and optimisation of warehouse layout


Your benefits:

  • You keep the right number of parts and products in stock and thus avoid bottlenecks and overstocks
  • You make the best use of your resources and avoid product damage and obsolescence
  • You identify your business needs while minimising costs
  • You report correct stock levels in your financial statements

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Onboard Courier Service (OBC) 

Sometimes only small spare parts have to be missing to bring a complete production line to a standstill. The automotive sector in particular always needs a reliable Plan B, C or D. Our Onboard Courier Service is ready to provide you with a remedy at top speed. We transport urgently needed goods from door to door - worldwide through our highly qualified courier partners.

Learn more about the benefits of our OBC service here

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Air Freight Charter 

Deliveries by air freight are certainly not the main part of automotive logistics, but they can complement it at important points. Deliveries by air can provide short-term relief and enable fast, flexible solutions when standard delivery routes are impaired. With our air freight services, you strengthen the reliability and flexibility of your supply chains!


We offer:

  • Tailor-made solutions including direct connections
  • Direct and charter flights with cargo and passenger aircraft used as freighters
  • Including all permits and customs clearances


Your advantages:

  • Avoid bottlenecks on busy routes
  • Simplify transport routes with direct connections - for example in the wake of the Corona pandemic
  • Reach remote destinations
  • Find out more about our airfreight charter service here

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Vehicle logistics by air freightVehicle logistics by air freight

In addition to our air freight services, we also offer the transport of vehicles such as prototypes. Here, special knowledge and skills are required, such as the safe discharge of liquids like petrol, in order to meet the strict requirements for air freight goods. We take care of all services with our powerful network!


We offer:

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Our digital solutions

Efficient supply chains in the automotive industry are only possible through equally complex data streams that are optimally processed and networked. Whether it is the retrieval of specific stock levels, a forecast that identifies potential bottlenecks at an early stage, interactive KPI dashboards or reporting & analytics to optimise the supply chain - Röhlig offers a strong digital competence that is continuously being expanded.


Here you can find more information about our digital solutions.

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The tool to track your consignment – Röhlig REALTIME

Track and trace is key if you want to manage your logistics network efficiently. That’s why Röhlig offers digital solutions for your logistics needs. Our track and trace system Röhlig REALTIME is user-friendly and intuitive to operate. It gives you an overview of the status of your orders. Data can be easily exported as an Excel table. Regardless of whether you’re in the office or on the move: Röhlig REALTIME is optimised for various end devices – desktop, tablet or smartphone. That way you always know the status of your freight.

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