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Track your shipment now with Röhlig Track & Trace. This simple tool uses the latest technology to provide instant access to your shipment location from any device or browser. No log-ins, no hassle. 

Two ways to track

Enter your 9-character bill of lading code or your unique Röhlig Logistics reference number.

The fast way to track your cargo

Use Röhlig Track & Trace to follow your shipment's progress across key milestones. Get estimated departure and arrival dates from port-to-port and find out if your cargo is on track. Enter your bill of lading or unique Röhlig Logistics reference number anytime and anywhere and share with your team or customers.


Use Röhlig Track & Trace

About Röhlig Track & Trace

Use Röhlig Track & Trace to track key milestones throughout your shipment. Get estimated and confirmed dates of departure, arrival, customs clearance, and delivery, as well as transport mode.

Open Röhlig Track & Trace from the Röhlig Logistics homepage or via direct link using any mobile device. Enter your bill of lading or unique Röhlig Logistics reference number to find your shipment information. A mini program version of Röhlig Track & Trace is also available in the WeChat app under 'Röhlig Quick Track'.

Anyone with your bill of lading code or unique Röhlig Logistics reference number can access your basic shipment milestones. This means you can share your shipment information with your team, partners or customers if needed.

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