Logistics solutions for beverages

Organising a beverage supply chain solution can be a complex process for any business. Factors such as volatile ingredients, temperature-sensitive cargo, and ever-evolving regulations can be time-consuming and difficult to solve. However, finding the right logistics provider can simplify these problems into one manageable and tailor-made beverage transport solution. Free up time to focus on execution, access international markets and streamline your supply chain.

Our beverage logistics solution includes:

  • Wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Warehouse storage
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Fragile goods handling
  • Customs and regulatory compliance
  • Dry, insulated and temperature-controlled transport

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Eliminate beverage logistics issues

Temperature-controlled packaging
Avoid spoiled batches no matter what the weather. Temperature-control technology including thermal blankets, liners and powerful trackers ensure your beverages stay perfectly chilled from origin to destination.

Minimise waste with inventory optimisation
Organise your beverage supply chain the right way. Utilise advanced forecasting and help with inventory management to ensure your customers' shelves are never left bare.

Reduce regulatory risks
Locally-based logistics experts know their way around complicated international regulations. For example, our brokerage experts are here to help you capitalise on the reduced tax rates offered by the Craft Beverage Modernization Act (CBMA).

Storage entrances, new large warehouse

Our key ingredient for temperature control

Without proper planning, crisp craft beers arrive lukewarm, delicate wines lose their nuanced flavors, and refreshing sodas turn tepid in transit. A beverage solution from Röhlig Logistics has the option to utilise temperature control blankets, liners and containers that shield your drinks shipments from temperature excursions and environmental risks. We'll find a cost-effective solution that protects the quality of your beverages, keeping your customers happy and your cash-flow smooth.

Better for your beverage business

More time to focus on your craft (beer)
Let go of logistics woes and embrace an all-round beverage solution. Your supply chain solution can be tailored to your needs no matter the product, route or storage requirements.

Take your business to the next level
Have the option to expand your beverage business with access to wine, beer and spirit markets worldwide. With over 150 offices in over 35 countries, the 
Röhlig Logistics network can adapt your logistics solution as you grow.

Have a logistics provider on your team
Our goal is the same as yours: To optimise your beverage supply chain, reduce waste and maximise your profits. Get one-to-one support and advice from your personalised 
Röhlig Logistics representative.

Elevate your beverage shipments with Röhlig TIVE Trackers

Access data that gives you peace of mind and offers clear proof of batch quality to your customers. Röhlig TIVE Trackers are a lightweight tracking tag that travels with your cargo, providing 24/7 feedback on the condition of your goods. Get instant alerts about location, temperature, humidity, shock, light and motion that allow you to act instantly and identify areas for optimisation. Approved by carriers and with fast delivery, Röhlig TIVE Trackers are the intelligent way to monitor your beverages.

Our Beverage Solution FAQ

Röhlig Logistics offers air and sea freight shipments in addition to road and rail services for your beverage cargo.

Our solution can cover wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. Your Röhlig Logistics representative will build on exisiting knowledge by getting to know your company's unique requirements. The result is a tailormade beverage solution that you can rely on.

Yes - our teams can be there to handle your international beverage shipments from A to Z, whether by air or sea. What's more, we're present in over 35 countries worldwide, including those of major wine, beer and spirit markets.

Let our local experts help you with your beverage shipments.

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