Röhlig's door-to-door air freight service offers you the opportunity to conveniently ship consignments worldwide. We organise the entire supply chain for you and take care of the collection, documentation, transport and delivery of your consignment. With our global network, we guarantee you efficient solutions with the highest service standards. For you, the effort is minimal, allowing you to fully concentrate on expanding your core business.

Our single-point-of-contact system facilitates communication and increases visibility.

Ad hoc solution

Reliable and efficient when you need a solution fast.

Minimal effort

We take over the organisation of your entire supply chain

Track & Trace

24/7 tracking of your freight without logging in

Our door-to-door air freight services at a glance

All-inclusive rates for door-to-door shipping include all steps required to ship freight from origin to destination:


  • Collection
    Collection of the shipment from a specified address.
  • Handling
    Shipment is repacked if necessary and then delivered to the airline
  • Customs clearance
    Customs clearance at the airport of origin.
  • Transport
    Airfreight transport from the origin airport to the destination airport.
  • Transhipment / Handling
    Shipment is transferred to Röhlig warehouse
  • Customs clearance: 
    Customs clearance at the receiving airport.
  • Delivery
    Delivery of the consignment to a specified destination address.
  • Documentation
    Costs for the administration and delivery of documentation.

Your advantages


  • Direct transport without detours, plus intermediate storage in the Röhlig network

  • A global partner network with over 150 of our own branches in more than 35 countries worldwide.
  • A direct line to your personal contact person on site - even with low order volumes (no call centre)
  • Efficient transport times and high-quality standards
  • Invoicing - we fully calculate your costs with detail and comprehension in mind.
  • Load securing by Röhlig's own pallets (consolidation)
  • Daily departures to 300 possible destinations worldwide
  • Let's talk about the best solution for your door-to-door transport!
Let's talk about the best solution for your Door-to-Door air freight!



We collect the consignment from your specified address, organise the transport to the airport, and take care of customs clearance on your behalf, ensuring the smooth process and delivery of the consignment to the airline. At the receiving airport, our on-site Röhlig colleagues take over the consignment from the airline and organise both customs clearance and delivery to the final recipient.


Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with many well-known airlines, we guarantee you attractive prices with consistently high service standards.

Supply the pick-up and recipient address when making your booking enquiry and we will find the fastest and most cost-effective solution for your transport.

Try our easy-to-use quoting and booking app MyRöhlig now.


We organise the collection at your desired address

Delivery is direct and without detours

Delivery to the final recipient



In the following situations and for certain goods, we recommend transport by door-to-door air freight:

  1. High value goods, where transport costs are low compared to the value of the product.
  2. Time-critical shipments where alternative transport methods cannot guarantee the appropriate delivery time, such as spare parts for the automotive industry.
  3. Sample shipments in the global textile & fashion sector. Read also our dedicated fashion logistics page.
  4. Transport of valuable items where sea or land transport is riskier.
  5. Medical supplies (Covid Test & Mask).


Let's talk about the best solution for your Door-to-Door air freight!


The cost of air freight transport depends on various factors and must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Basically, the distance of the route to be covered, the desired transit time as well as the size and weight of the individual consignment influence the total costs. The gross tonnage and the volume weight are compared and the higher value is used as the basis for the calculation.
Furthermore, supply and demand on the global market also plays a role in the cost calculation.
The cost of an air freight transport are therefore always dependent on the following parameters:
- Relation
- Size and weight of the shipment
- Nature of the goods / commodity
- Market situation at different times of the year / peak season

From 1 kilogram to a full charter (120to).

Depending on the region between 20 - 120 hours.

Both refrigerated deliveries and hazardous goods transports can be organised. Appropriate equipment, such as loading units, dry ice, thermal blankets, insulation boxes or data loggers are available in our warehouses or via the airlines.


Make a booking, track your freight and manage all documents quickly and efficiently - all on one platform.

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Track & Trace of your freight

Röhlig REALTIME puts your supply chain in your hands. Make a booking, track your freight and manage all documents quickly and efficiently - all on one platform.

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