Students & Graduates

Internship for students

Through on-the-job training, Röhlig offers students the opportunity to gain a practical understanding of what it means to work in the freight forwarding and logistics business.

A student internship takes from three to six months. We are mainly looking for students who study business administration as well as transport and engineering subjects. Knowledge of the English language is indispensable. The internship could also be the first step into our Management Trainee Programme which we offer to university graduates.

If you are interested in an internship please have a look on your current vacancies.

Management Trainee Programme for graduates

Anyone striving for a management position has to familiarise herself/himself with the company’s culture and gain knowledge of the entire business first. By means of its three-year Management Trainee Programme, Röhlig offers its junior managers the perfect opportunity to promote their career.

While working in different Röhlig subsidiaries worldwide as well as in the Röhlig Head Office, you will get to know all facets of modern logistics and be fully incorporated in the daily business of operations, sales and finance. Enhancing your technical knowledge in logistics on the job, you also get the chance to develop your soft skills like leadership or intercultural awareness, as all management trainees take part in our Junior Leadership Programme “Blue Step”. 

Please note, that there is no specific start date for the Management Trainee Programme, you can send your application anytime.

For further information please download our brochure.

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Hear from former programme participant Rogério Vianna

Interested in starting your individual Management Trainee Programme with Röhlig?

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Frequently asked questions on Röhlig’s Management Trainee Programme

What is special about Röhlig’s Management Trainee Programme?

Röhlig’s Management Trainee Programme is distinguished by its international approach. On this three-year programme, you gain first-hand experience of life and work at various locations around the world. In this process, you not only engage intensively with a range of business areas, but also discover the social and business culture of particular countries and can build up your own international network.

How is the Management Trainee Programme organised?

The programme gives you a considerable insight into the operative business in air and sea freight, sales, and the different departments in the company headquarters. You spend six months at the Bremen Head Office, and the remaining two-and-a-half years in two Röhlig subsidiaries. As a rule, you spend twelve months in the operative business and eighteen months in sales, although the exact parameters can vary individually depending on a person’s knowledge, experience and interests.

In addition, all trainees take part in the Blue Step programme which prepares young managers for future executive positions. The Blue Step programme comprises a set of training modules on topics such as leadership, finance, intercultural competences and presentation techniques.

Can I choose the countries I will work in?

In selecting countries for trainees, we take into account their interests and knowledge of languages as well as the current needs of our subsidiaries.

Does the Management Trainee Programme have a set start date?

There is no set start date. Starting dates are arranged individually with candidates. Please note, however, that you must apply early for the programme. 
After confirmed participation in the Management Trainee Programme it may take up to 6 month before you can start at Röhlig.  

When can I apply for the Management Trainee Programme?

You can apply at any time.

How many trainees join the programme each year?

Up to three management trainees join the programme every year.

How can I apply?

Apply online or post your application to:

Röhlig Logistics GmbH & Co. KG
Christine Kirsch
Corporate Personnel Development
Am Weser-Terminal 8
28217 Bremen

Does the selection process involve an assessment centre?

Since the selection process is by personal interview, there is no assessment centre.

Will it help my chances if I also ring up?

No, calling us has no influence on the selection process. Naturally, if you have particular questions about your application, you are very welcome to call us and ask. All other issues will be discussed in detail in a personal or telephone interview.

What should I include in my application?

Your application should be written in English, containing a complete résumé, your possible entry date, and a few concise and informative lines about your motivation for joining the programme.

If I am invited for a personal interview, will my travel costs be reimbursed?

Yes, we will reimburse your travel costs.