The topic of Sustainability goes beyond the mere issue of climate protection and resource conservation. The social dimension focuses on people but is not detached from the other levels of sustainability. The social sphere is linked to environmental aspects on several levels - for example, in the sense that exploitative working conditions and the exploitation of economic power can lead to production conditions that are harmful to the environment. At Röhlig, we are committed to fairness, healthy working conditions and equal opportunities at all levels - not only among our staff, but also among our service providers and partners worldwide. We have imposed binding guidelines for our actions and allow ourselves to be measured against them. Similarly, we expect our suppliers and business partners to comply with the guidelines set out in our Supplier Codes of Conduct. In the social area, these include the topics of human rights, equal opportunities, non-discrimination, freedom of association, product safety, working conditions and minimum wage.


Health and Safety

Röhlig is commited to the well-beeing of employees, subcontractors and visitors throughout all offices and warehouses worldwide. As a truly reliable partner, it is our responsibility and Duty of Care to manage health and safety risks through preparedness, clear communication, swift escaltion, regular inspections and training. 


Human Resource Management

People have a natural need to develop their skills and experience that their work has value. The appropriate design of job profiles, including further training and career opportunities, plays an important role at Röhlig. Regardless of the position on the career ladder: every employee deserves our full appreciation and support. For us, fair remuneration is just as much a part of this as one hundred percent acceptance and equal opportunities with regard to race, language, home and origin, faith, religious or political views, age, gender, health restrictions or sexual orientation. We clearly stand for diversity and see it as a strength of our company. Equally, our commitment to sustainable working conditions includes support for balancing work and family. As a family business with corresponding values, this is a matter of course for us. Furthermore, we grant our employees worldwide and without restrictions the right to organise themselves in trade unions.

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Working Conditions / Human Rights in the Supply Chain

Röhlig is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficing throughout its operations and activities worldwide. Our responsibility for human health and welfare does not end at the boundaries of Röhlig's employment. Röhlig has zero-tolerance to slavery and human trafficking and is comitted to act ethcically and with integrity in all of its business dealings and relationships. Business partners are to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct and agree to uphold human rights internationally. If business partners do not uphold the basic principles of our Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation.

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Privacy and Data Security

The Information and Data Security System at Röhlig is protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. We comply with security related  laws and regulations. 

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