Our Values


Our corporate values are the basis of everything we do. We consider ourselves "truly reliable", "forward thinking" and "eager for more" - and this is reflected in the way we work. We see these three corporate values as our inspiration and responsibility at once.

Truly Reliable

The value "truly reliable" emphasises that customers, employees and partners can count on us in good times and bad. As a family-owned company with a long tradition, we have been proving our reliability since 1852. The personal connection to each other is particularly important to us and we attach great importance to interacting in a spirit of trust and partnership.


Forward Thinking

We are "forward thinking". We are not satisfied with the status quo, but are always on the lookout for innovative approaches. Even in difficult situations, we keep a cool head and aim to find the best possible solution quickly, flexibly and transparently. For us, the key to success lies in developing new ideas and initiating progress.

Eager for More

Our corporate value "eager for more" means that entrepreneurial thinking and striving for continuous improvement are part of our self-image. Every day, we go the extra mile to deliver all services to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.