July 2022

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Operations are steady, but fuel surcharges linger

July 2022 - With lockdowns over, steady rates and fewer instances of equipment shortages, the prospect of recovering more stable ground looks promising. Yet with operational slowdowns in Frankfurt, port strikes across Germany and renewed Covid-19 outbreaks in China, our Röhlig teams across Asia will be watching closely for any further developments prior to peak season.

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Greater China

  • There have been several renewed outbreaks of Covid-19 across cities in China, including Shanghai. Currently, only small-scale lockdown measures on specific residential communities are in effect. Röhlig Logistics continues to monitor the situation closely.


  • Ports are largely operating ‘normally’ under the Covid-related restrictions including regular testing for personnel.

  • Blank sailings continue as shipping lines aim to get capacity under control.

  • FEWB space from main ports remains an issue.

  • Röhlig Taiwan reports space issues, with the majority of FCL from Taiwan to the Middle East fully booked until the end of July. Approximately half of TPEB sailings are blank this month, as well as ¼ of FEWB sailings.

  • In addition, Röhlig Taiwan reports that some carriers are implementing a heavy-weight surcharge for 20’ FCL cargo weighing over 10 tons.



  • Operations and space capacity levels remain unchanged. Low quantities have led to a market drop for China outbound.

  • Currently no clear information on scheduled cancellations in China due to operations slowdowns for Frankfurt (FRA) freighter export.

  • Röhlig Taiwan recommends advanced booking as airlines adjust allocation in reaction to Covid-19’s impact on production lines and materials shortages. Overall costs continue to increase due to rising fuel surcharges. 


  • Our Truck-Air service via Almaty continues to run smoothly, with available space and reliable transit times (door-to-door 15-19 days). Rates remain stable.


  • Rail space is short supply, booking at least 15 days in advance is required. Contact our Rail Team at CN.RC.RAIL@rohlig.com to learn more.


  • Our Shanghai warehouses are operating normally. A further general warehouse in Jiading District will be available from July.
  • Bonded and general space available in Shenzhen (SZX) and Ningbo (NGB).

South Korea


  • Following the trucking strikes last month, there is an approximate 60% increase in workload rolling over into July, rendering inland transportation scarce.
  • Although no major cities in China currently remain under lockdown, the recovery from the knock-on effects in Korea is still ongoing.
  • Ongoing fuel surcharges.


  • Fuel surcharges continue to put pressure on air freight costs.
  • The effects of China lockdown-related slowdowns are still being felt, with reduced cargo and a decline in export volumes out of Korea.
  • Off-loaded cargo on the rise for passenger aircraft as passenger numbers increase.



  • Planned blank/void sailings by carriers on TPEB and FEWB trade with some spike on selective service strings. For other trades overall market space remains open and overall load factor at 90–95%, not creating any huge roll pool for carriers.
  • No serious equipment shortages across Southeast Asia. Some carriers have ordered new containers to counter any shortages concentrated at specific ports.
  • Freight rates remain stable for all trades. Carriers remain cautious in terms of pricing prior to General Rate Increase (GRI)/Peak Season Surcharges (PSS) during peak season.
  • Market remains uncertain prior to the upcoming peak, with currently no sign of a surge in volume. Pending payments from consignees as well as overstocking at consignee warehouses may lead to shippers holding back shipment dates.


  • The fuel surcharge is expected to increase.
  • Rise in the number of flights to China after the announcement of slightly increased passenger flights.
  • Overall rates remain stable with some excess capacity out of Southeast Asia to North America and Europe.
  • Issues arising from the freighter slowdown and shortage of manpower at Frankfurt (FRA). Carriers are using alternative airports for cargo movement into Southeast Asia. Be advised of possible delays in transit.
  • Most carriers are increasing their passenger flights due to the approaching summer holidays and opening of borders post-Covid.



  • Ongoing 40’ container shortage at Semarang due to trade imbalance.


  • Our Subang Jaya storage hub enjoyed its official opening on July 13.


  • Ongoing congestion at transshipment hubs. The possibility of a missed connection remains high.



  • Ongoing congestion at transshipment hubs. The possibility of a missed connection remains high.

  • 2–3 weeks rollover remains for transshipment at Singapore on selective trade.


  • Holiday notice from July 28-31 due to H.M.King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua’s Birthday on July 28. Customs will be closed. 



  • Ongoing 40’ container shortage at Ho Chi Minh City due to trade imbalance.



  • Currently no severe delays at any gateway ports or ICDs.

  • Congestion at Bangladesh terminals impacting services.

  • Some shipping lines have revised their Inland Tariff upwards, effective August 1, 2022.

  • Some shipping lines have started blanking services at alternate ports for services calling Europe ex India:

    • There will be a weekly alternating omission of Nhava Sheva and Mundra in India until third week of August.

    • MV Kyoto Express V2216E/V2324W will omit Mundra, India, and imports will discharge in Jebel Ali, UAE for connection to their final port of delivery.

    • MV Sofia Express V2217E/V2325W will omit Karachi, Pakistan, Nhava Sheva and Hazira in India. Imports will discharge in Jebel Ali, UAE for further connection to their final port of delivery.

    • MV Sofia Express V2217E/V2325W will omit Karachi, Pakistan, Nhava Sheva and Hazira in India. Imports will discharge in Jebel Ali, UAE for further connection to their final port of delivery.

    • The planned omission of Hazira, India will continue until the third week of August.

    • Planned omission of Vizag, India will continue until mid-August (IEX).

    • There will be no sailing from Nhava Sheva, India (southbound) on August 4, 2022, and from Mombasa, Kenya (northbound) on July 14, 2022, and August 18, 2022.

  • Please be advised that bottlenecks are expected.

  • Röhlig can now gateway shipments ex South India via Nhava Sheva. Learn more by following our contact link below to find your nearest office.


  • It is currently monsoon season in India. Customers are advised to take extra care when selecting packaging materials to avoid damage from rainwater.

  • Import rates are increasing due to current high demand.

  • Export rates are largely under control with room for additional capacity.


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Röhlig Asia Logistics Newsletter