Röhlig offers expedited LCL (or LCL Express) as a service on selected trade routes. These services have been developed to significantly reduce transit times and offer tariffs in a simplified structure that is easily comparable to air freight.

Advantages of expedited LCL

  • Alternative to airfreight with up to 75% lower rates per KG
  • More environmentally friendly than air freight and up to 30% faster than normal LCL
  • Best solution for shipments where conventional general cargo is too slow and air freight is too expensive

What is the difference between conventional LCL and expedited LCL?


In conventional LCL transports, the focus is on keeping costs as low as possible by consolidating and deconsolidating shipments several times during transport at container freight stations (CFS). This helps to achieve the highest possible utilisation of transport units (e.g. sea containers, trucks, etc.) for each part of the route.

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Conventional LCL

With expedited LCL transports, the focus is on the fastest possible overall transit time. This is achieved by avoiding consolidation enroute and accelerating other parts of the overall route.

Expedited LCL


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Frequently Asked Questions on Expedited LCL

The expedited LCL option is available for routes that traditionally have multiple consolidation/deconsolidation points. The fastest deploying expedited LCL routes are for imports to the USA. However, the expedited LCL option can be set up for all routes.

Yes - expedited LCL has a higher carbon footprint as slower parts of the transport by rail/ship/sea are replaced by truck transport, emitting higher levels of CO2 per kilometre travelled.

Yes. For most routes, this limit is based on the maximum weight and volume of a 40' HC container, but it can be lower, depending on the specifics of the cargo and the trade route.

Yes, our expedited LCL rates can be quoted in KG to compare with air freight. They can also be quantified in weight/measurement for easy comparison with conventional LCL services.

Yes, dangerous goods can generally also be transported, depending on the respective route and the goods (hazard classification).

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