December 2022

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No pre-Christmas peak for Air Freight, but change in China for Covid restrictions.

December 2022 - Peak season has failed to materialise for the Air Freight as many customers return to a recovering Sea Freight market. In South Korea, trukcing strikes continue to impact export Sea Freight. Meanwhile, China recently announced major changes to its strict Zero-Covid policy, phasing out mass testing and health codes. Customers preparing for Lunar New Year 2023 can check our guide for the latest advice.

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Greater China

  • Strict pandemic prevention measures lifted across China from early December including testing and showing health codes. Health codes may still be required for personnel in high-risk areas such as transport hubs and warehouses. Mild cases of Covid no longer require hospitalization.

  • Many ‘control areas’ that previously restricted traffic flow have been lifted. Restrictions can still be implemented at short notice.


  • After a dramatic slump over the past few months, rates have somewhat stabilized and are expected to hold until the end of the year.

  • Smooth transportation may still be affected by lockdowns or other restrictive measures.

  • Customers can maintain usual booking schedules as space and equipment remain available.



  • With the peak season a no-show for 2022, the market-level is likely to remain low even throughout Christmas and New Year.

  • Capacity still low as passenger flights in China are still at a trickle. Beware of potential freighter cancellations due to low loads.

  • Despite the recent changes in restrictions in China, customers should still anticipate sudden changes in the market, delays or temporary cancellations due to pandemic prevention measures.



  • Rates declining due to the low number of shipments. In turn, this has led to reduced departures and some space shortages.

  • Scattered departure delays due to merge of dispatch. We advise customers to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • Contact our Rail Team at

South Korea


  • Export rates continue to decrease following the Chinese market due to shared vessel routes.

  • Trucking strikes continue to impact export cargo movement. Carriers have begun to reroute their vessels in order to offset disruption.

  • Space and equipment are available but difficult to utilize during strike action.


  • Air remains unaffected by trucking strikes. Low rates mean that it could be a viable alternative for urgent cargo.



  • Rates continue to drop across most trades.

  • Space and equipment available due to ongoing low demand. As a result, some carriers have started to roll out blank sailings to balance supply and demand.

  • Indonesia DRY/GP and reefer rates expected to remain level through to mid-December.

  • Limited stock for Semarang Port for both 20/40GP. Shortage of 20RF for Jakarta and Surabaya, with a surplus for 40RF. No stock for 20RF/ limited 40RF for Semarang.

  • Blank sailings and omissions expected around the Christmas period, early booking is advised.

  • Thailand reports that fluctuating rates may need to be checked on a case-by-case basis.

  • For FCL to North Europe by direct service from Thailand, schedule available twice weekly in December 2022.



  • Peak-season has failed to emerge this year, and so rates remain on a downward trend.

  • Capacity available following further increase in passenger flights.

  • Previous delays from China lockdowns, however these are expected to ease off soon.



  • All ports and terminals running smoothly with no major disruption.

  • Rates continue to fluctuate.

  • Forecast required to ensure sufficient equipment for hinterland, please maintain close communication with your representative.

  • Slow response expected from shipping lines during the last 2 weeks of December due to the Christmas holidays.


  • Air export rates continue to decline due to low demand. Import rates remain stable.

  • Plenty of space for export shipment while import faces challenges.

  • In preparation for the Christmas season, customers are advised to avoid shipments in the last week of December as a huge demand for space is expected. Usually, this space is utilized by passenger baggage during this busy commuter period, particularly now that most Covid-related restrictions have been lifted.


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