We take your sea freight anywhere in the world

How we as an international freight forwarder coordinate your global transport chain and ensure transparency

We are your experts in sea freight and we use our knowledge and expertise to organise your transport worldwide.  Sea freight is the classic, cheaper way to transport your goods. As a global, agile and still owner-managed logistics company we have an excellent understanding of local market conditions. Our experienced sea freight experts ensure your goods safely reach their destination worldwide.

Your benefits at Röhlig Logistics

  • Direct contact with your personal local contact – even for small order volumes
  • 60 of our own consolidated containers worldwide per week
  • Access to other 2400 LCL services weekly
  • Transparent pricing. We provide information about the current price range in the market and its development via the Xeneta Shipping Index.
  • Our contracts with all three of the major shipping company alliances allow us to ensure that your shipment stays on schedule – even in peak seasons.

Our services

  • FCL (full container load) | Loading of full containers
  • LCL (less than container load)
  • LCL express options
  • Door-to-door deliveries
  • Break bulk
  • Transport of conventional goods with oversized loads
  • Ship charter (project logistics)
  • Part charter and full charter
  • Packaging and order picking
  • Customs clearance
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Temperature-controlled transportation
  • Track and trace with Röhlig Real Time
  • Cloud-based supply chain management tool
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The world of global logistics is complex – customs, freight rates and import regulations vary from country to country. It doesn’t matter whether you send goods on a regular basis or just occasionally: We can answer any questions you may have and handle your transport needs. We are your reliable logistics partner providing you with a first-class service.

Passion led us here written on pavement

Strong performance on all continents: more than 2,200 employees in over 150 branches in more than 30 countries

All over the world – we are a global and agile team: with more than 2,200 employees in over 150 branches, we work together for the success of our customers in more than 30 countries worldwide. In recent years, we have significantly expanded our presence on the following trading routes:

  • Asia – Australia and New Zealand
  • Asia – South Africa
  • Asia – Europe
  • Asia – North America
  • Europe – Asia
  • Europe – North America

‘Companies of all sizes appoint Röhlig as their sea freight forwarder – with quite different freight volumes and frequencies.’

Sascha Munzert, Global Sea Freight Manager Röhlig Logistics

We take your sea freight containers to their destination anywhere in the world

We work for companies of all sizes regardless of their sector. It includes goods from  industries such as electronics, textile, furniture, automobile supplies, food, chemical products, sports equipment, plant and mechanical engineering and household equipment.

FCL and LCL – which is which?

Essentially, there are two different options for transporting your freight in a container.

  • FCL (full container load) gives you the option of transporting your freight in a container that is provided just for your cargo. This option is good for high freight volumes or for sensitive or valuable loads.

  • LCL (less than container load) is like a consolidated container. Your goods share the container’s capacities with other freight. This means you use the precise space you actually need for your freight. We would be happy to help you choose the right option for your delivery.

FCL and LCL – when to use which option

Put simply: FCL suits larger volumes. The container is loaded at the consignor’s premises and unloaded at the recipient’s premises. Depending on the trade, our customers can choose between different services and therefore opt for, for example, the next possible, cheapest or quickest possible shipping.

LCL is economical particularly for smaller shipments. Here, we have the option of combining shipments for different customers and spreading the shipping costs across several customers. The delivery is taken to a warehouse where the container is made seaworthy and stowed, after which the consignment is then shipped. The container is unloaded in the destination port and the individual shipments are transported on to their destination. For certain trades we offer LCL express options.

If a customer has an urgent shipment to be sent from Shanghai to New York, for example, the shipment will be transported by sea to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and from there it will be taken by truck to New York. This significantly reduces transit times compared to pure sea transport. These faster options are also significantly cheaper than shipping the goods by air freight. We offer these services for the Asia – USA trade routes (from 27 ports) and India – USA.

  • We collect your goods and organise transport to the Container Freight Station.
  • We arrange the documentation required for shipment – for example, export and customs clearance documents.
  • You can track your shipment throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Once it has arrived at its destination port, the container is unloaded and unpacked. Onward carriage starts from there, i.e. transport via rail or road – until your delivery ultimately reaches its destination.

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We also ensure reliable sea freight delivery in peak seasons, too

We have contracts with all three major alliances – i.e. the biggest shipping companies combined: ‘Ocean Alliance’, ‘2M’ and ‘THE Alliance’. The advantage this provides is that we can assure you that your goods will arrive, even in peak seasons on the sea.

Golden Week and Chinese New Year lead to high volumes of sea freight – but you can still rely on Röhlig

A typical example: Around Chinese New Year or the Golden Week, ports are either just partially staffed or not staffed at all and production sites shut down. In order to overcome this bottleneck, companies around the world have begun to replenish their stocks in advance. The high volume leads to long waiting times and a serious tailback on the sea. Here at Röhlig, we are prepared for such events and can therefore promise to deliver before and during international peak seasons.

How it works – our procedures are designed for the long term

In order to be able to deliver in peak seasons, we try to plan strategically with our customers. If we have a certain degree of planning reliability, we can block the respective volume on the ship. If a customer sticks to their planned volume over the term of the contract, we can secure space on ships at peak times, too.

This principle also applies to us: reliability comes before profit. The long-term standard of quality we offer our customers is more important than the comparably small monetary benefit we would get as a company from a short-term, price-driven change of shipping company – that is our understanding of solid and trustworthy collaboration.

Calculate an estimate of the CO2 emissions from your sea and air freight transports now!

Calculations for individual trade routes can be performed easily and for free. The result is displayed promptly and gives an impression of the CO2 footprint of your transport.
First select the mode of transport and then fill in the start and destination of the shipment. Finally, enter the weight of your shipment in kilograms and click on "Calculate now". In a matter of seconds, you will receive an indication of the expected amount of carbon dioxide generated by your shipment.

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How your sea freight benefits from the digitalisation of logistics

International trade has changed drastically due to the speed of online trade. The saying ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow’ demands new process models for all those involved in the value chain. Sea freight has also caught up with the demand for speed. Here, digitalisation provides clear benefits for you: it ensures faster processes and reliable delivery. As an agile company, we rely on the best mix of digital tools and personal advice. Our IT subsidiary Röhlig blue-net develops individual interfaces and web solutions.

The tool to track your consignment – Röhlig Real Time

Track and trace is key if you want to manage your logistics network efficiently. That’s why Röhlig offers digital solutions for your logistics needs. Our track and trace system Röhlig Real Time is user-friendly and intuitive to operate. It gives you an overview of the status of your orders. Data can be easily exported as an Excel table. Regardless of whether you’re in the office or on the move: Röhlig Real Time is optimised for various end devices – desktop, tablet or smartphone. That way you always know the status of your freight.

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Digitalise your logistics chain for sea freight with Gravity

High data volumes in the supply chain require high-performing IT solutions. We facilitate the best data exchange between all parties involved in the value chain. To do so, we work with the cloud-based supply chain management tool Gravity. All processes are mapped company-wide and are cloud-based. All parties involved can enter or request relevant data while processes run automatically and in real time. This is how we link production environments to logistics systems. This has two key advantages: We avoid media disruption and encourage data exchange. Moreover, parties involved in the transport chain that have no direct contractual relationship can access data based on their roles.

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