Get deliveries to their destination quickly with global air freight logistics

How we as an international air freight forwarder ensure the quickest possible delivery by air for your consignments

Alternative transport solutions

How to handle the restrictions imposed by Covid-19? Find out about our transport solutions:


Sea-Air Solution (from Asia to Europe/USA)

Rail Solution (Asia > Europe > Asia)

LCL Express (Europe to USA, Asia to USA)



We are your air freight experts for time-efficient logistics solutions. As an international freight forwarder, we are by your side in person for all of your air freight concerns. Whether you want a one-off shipment or to send goods on a regular basis – we’ll find the right air freight solution for you. All around the world, fast and reliably. Our IATA-trained air freight experts are there for you with tailored services.

Our services

  • Full charter/individual consignments
  • Global door-to-door transport services
  • Goods consolidation
  • Direct and charter flights
  • Courier, express and on-board courier services
  • Project shipment
  • Track and trace with Röhlig Real Time
  • Packaging and order picking
  • Customs clearance 
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Temperature-controlled transportation

Your benefits as an air freight customer at Röhlig Logistics 

  • Direct contact with your personal local contact – even for small order volumes (no call centre)
  • over 150 branches in more than 30 countries around the world
  • A global partner network
  • Daily departures to 300 global destinations possible
  • Delivery security through contractually ensured capacities on premium airlines all year round
  • Efficient transport times and high quality standards
  • Secure loading with Röhlig’s own pallets
  • Transport insurance (on request)

"We reach every place on earth."

Dirk Schneider, Managing Director for Germany

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How we find the best possible air freight solution: Back-to-back and consolidation

If you want to send freight by plane, we have two options for you: back-to-back or consolidated.

Consolidation in air freight: send goods as grouped consignments.

One of our main services is goods consolidation for air freight. Here, several deliveries are aggregated and bundled on Röhlig’s own pallets or containers (ULD – unit load devices). We control international hotspots on all continents several times a week, therefore offering reliable routing security. We get you the best savings for cost and time through consolidation.


Not all consignments can be consolidated: certain goods have to be transported especially quickly or it might not be possible to fly them as grouped cargo due to their nature (temperature-controlled, dangerous goods). In these cases, goods are sent as a single consignment. To be able to give you the best possible freight rates, we offer back-to-back solutions.

The benefit of back-to-back consignments – doubled time savings through:

  • efficient operational handling at airports; and
  • sole loading of your consignment, as no other consignments have to be assigned.

Our air freight solutions at a glance:

Exclusive solutions for special consignments 

  • Premium consolidation service (if available)
  • Back-to-back deliveries 
  • Express consignments, temperature-controlled transportation, perishable or dangerous goods, valuable cargo, live animals 
  • Two to three business days (airport to airport)

Consolidation services for an efficient supply chain 

  • Standardised consolidated loading
  • Back-to-back deliveries 
  • Three to five business days (airport to airport)

Cost-effective air freight solutions 

  • Consolidation service for non-time-critical deliveries (if available) 
  • Back-to-back deliveries 
  • Five to seven business days (airport to airport)

Consignments that fall under IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) are subject to acceptance and checks by the airline.

Are you interested in our back-to-back services? Then send us your questions. We’re always here for you!

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Door-to-door deliveries by air freight: our teams find the most convenient solutions for your business 

Air freight depends on speed – and on the seamless intertwining of different processes, often across several continents. An example: your business is in Germany, your customer manufactures in the USA, and the spare part so urgently required is made in China. A time-efficient solution is now needed because a stop in production should be avoided at all costs. However, on the ground in Germany, you’re wrapped up in everyday business, and you don’t have the expertise for an ad-hoc strategy. To let you continue to focus on your business, we offer global door-to-door deliveries. We organise the collection from the Chinese manufacturing site, handle any administrative matters like bookings and customs clearance, then consolidate and load your spare part delivery onto the plane. If the delivery is to be sent to the USA, our US Röhlig team is on hand to receive your goods and then coordinates its transportation to your customer: a supply chain that involves minimal effort for you.

Of course, you can track your consignment during transportation with our track & trace tool Röhlig Real Time.

With direct and charter flights, your freight arrives at its destination without any detours

Just in time – time plays a major role in air freight. Does your order have to reach its destination as soon as possible? Then we offer individual solutions with a direct route. We organise premium direct and charter flights without any detours directly to your desired destination for your ad-hoc consignments.

Our claim: flexibility. 

Standard consignments are collected from you on the next business day. We ensure the fastest possible delivery to your destination by carrying out customs clearance during the flight.

With us, customers can choose between different delivery options: 

  • Airport-to-airport (ATA)
  • Door-to-door (DTD)
  • Airport-to-door (ATD)
  • Door-to-airport (DTA)

Air freight – how we make sure we reach every place on earth

Our agile corporate structure is a solid basis for global air freight transportation: with more than 2,200 employees in over 150 branches, we work together for the success of our customers in more than 30 countries worldwide – in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the USA. We also have a global network of agents. We constantly ensure a high level of service worldwide and access to the required capacities through partnerships with leading airlines.

As international freight forwarders, we are represented on every continent.

Our top routes in air freight

Our top routes run right around the globe twice a week. From Europe to Australia/New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, Latin America and the USA. From China to Europe, South Africa, Australia, Latin America and to the USA. From the USA to Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.

The image shows Dirk Schneider

"The effort involved in air freight is minimal for our customers. We organise the whole transport chain – from collection to delivery. Today, it’ll still be in Northern Germany, tomorrow at Frankfurt Airport. One flight later, the journey will continue on to Shanghai and then be delivered to the destination – and all of this is arranged by a single phone call."

Dirk Schneider, Managing Director for Germany

In safe hands from airport to airport – our quality standards 

We move values. As an owner-operated logistics company, our focus is not just on reaching our destination on time. We provide the highest standards in quality assurance by having our own hubs in top destinations. Our customers also trust us with services like storage, packaging and order picking. Our decades of working with designated collaborative partners make it possible for your goods to reach their destination on time, unscathed and, if requested, picked.  

Transportation of dangerous goods with maximum security

Anyone who has already sent dangerous goods by plane knows which legal and safety measures have to be met – and how complex and country-specific these are. Our air freight experts are well-informed, have specialist knowledge in the area of dangerous goods and take on all administrative matters for you. Our customers have been relying on our expertise and reliability for many decades.

How your air freight benefits from the digitalisation of logistics

International trade has changed drastically as a result of online trade. The saying ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow’ demands new process models for all those involved in the value chain. This also applies to air freight. Here, digitalisation provides clear benefits: it ensures faster processes and reliable delivery. As an agile company, we rely on the best mix of digital tools and personal advice. Our IT subsidiary Röhlig blue-net develops individual interfaces and web solutions.

“Speed and quality cannot be mutually exclusive. Our customer relationships are built on trust – because we prove how clever air freight works on a daily basis.”   

Dirk Schneider, Global Airfreight Director at Röhlig Logistics

The tool to track your consignment – Röhlig Real Time

Track and trace is key in air freight if you want to manage your logistics network efficiently. That’s why Röhlig offers digital solutions for your logistics needs. Our track & trace system Röhlig Real Time, which is intuitive to use, gives you an overview of the status of your orders. You can easily export data as an Excel sheet, which you can then share with others. Regardless of whether you’re in the office or on the move around the world: Röhlig Real Time is optimised for various mobile end devices – desktop, tablet or smartphone. So you always know the status of your freight.

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Digitalise your logistics chain for sea freight with Gravity

High data volumes in the supply chain require high-performing IT solutions. We facilitate the best data exchange between all parties involved in the value chain. To do so, we work with the cloud-based supply chain management tool Gravity. All processes are mapped company-wide and are cloud-based. All parties involved can enter or request relevant data while processes run automatically and in real time. This is how we link production environments to logistics systems. This has two key advantages: We avoid media disruption and encourage data exchange. Moreover, parties involved in the transport chain that have no direct contractual relationship can access data based on their roles.

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