We are your international air freight experts for time-efficient logistics solutions. As an international logistics service provider, we are always at your side for all your air freight needs. Whether you need a single shipment or regular dispatch of your goods, we will find the right air freight solution for you anywhere in the world, quickly and reliably. Our IATA-trained air freight experts are at your disposal with services tailor-made to your requirements.

Air freight experts

IATA-trained staff for individual advice

Maximum flexibility

Tailor-made solutions for your freight

Track & Trace

24/7 tracking of your freight with Real Time

Our services at a glance


  • Air freight charters: Full charters and individual shipments
  • Door-to-Door: Transports worldwide from door to door
  • Air freight express: Courier, express and onboard services
  • Hazardous goods transport: Detailed information on hazardous goods regulations
  • Temperature-controlled transport: Cooling units & insulation for sensitive goods
  • Röhlig Real Time: Tracking and tracing for your freight
  • Customs clearance: Experts have the knowledge on international regulations & guidelines
  • Transport insurance: Cover for loss, damage & financial risks
  • Packing & picking

Your advantages


  • Direct communication with the contact person on site - even with low order volumes (no call centre)
  • Efficient transport times and high quality standards
  • A global partner network with over 150 branches in more than 30 countries around the world
  • Rebooking - Ensuring that your shipment is forwarded on the next available flight
  • Invoicing - We fully calculate your costs prioritising clarity and transparency
  • Load securing with Röhlig's own pallets
  • Daily departures to up to 300 destinations worldwide
  • Delivery security through contractually guaranteed capacities with premium airlines throughout the year



Unique solutions for special shipments

  • Premium consolidation (if available)
  • Back-to-back shipments
  • Express cargo, temperature-controlled cargo, perishable cargo, dangerous goods, valuable cargo, live animals

1-2 working days (airport-to-airport)


Consolidation service - efficient supply chain

  • Standard groupage (general cargo)
  • Back-to-back shipments

3-5 working days (airport-to-airport)


Cost-effective air freight solutions

  • Economy consolidation (if offered)
  • Economy back-to-back shipments (deferred carrier)

5-7 working days (airport-to-airport)


Get your customised air freight quote quickly & easily using our digital solutions. Our IATA-trained experts will be in touch to enable you to transport your goods efficiently and at the best possible freight rates. Afterwards, you'll have your supply chain at your fingertips - all on one platform.

Online quotation for your freight

Direct contact with our experts

Fully digital supply chain (24/7)


We offer the following services:

1.    Goods as consolidated groupage consignments

When consolidating goods, several deliveries for a destination airport are combined and bundled on Röhlig's own pallets or containers (ULD - Unit Load Devices). We deliver to international hotspots on all continents several times a week, offering reliable routing security. Through consolidation, we get the optimum cost and time savings for you.

2.    Back-to-back Air Freigth

Not all goods can be consolidated. Certain goods must be transported particularly quickly or cannot be flown as consolidated consignments due to their characteristics (temperature-controlled, dangerous goods). In these cases, the goods are sent as individual consignments. We offer back-to-back freight solutions so that we can provide you with the best possible freight rates.

3.    Heavy cargo as air freight

We also offer an air freight service for oversized and overweight goods. Here are some of our previous projects:

  • 2015: Generator and parts (gross weight 84 tonnes).
    Routing: Vitoria-Gasteiz (VIT) - Madrid (MAD) - Accra (ACC)
  • 2013: Steam turbine (gross weight 23 tons)
    Routing: Bremen (BRE) - Frankfurt (FRA) - Shanghai (PVG)
  • 2018: Car parts (gross weight 86 tons)
    Routing : Luxembourg (LUX) - Churchill (YYQ) - Charlotte (CLT)
  • 2016: 2 turbines (gross weight 22 tons)
    Routing : Miami (MIA) - São Paulo (VCP)

Our most important trade routes at a glance:

Worldwide transports from Germany:

  • Germany - USA
  • Germany - China
  • Germany - South Africa
  • Germany - Uruguay

Worldwide transports from USA:

  • USA - China
  • USA - Uruguay
  • USA - Chile
  • USA - Argentina
  • USA - Bolivia
  • USA - Australia

Worldwide shipments from Australia:

  • Australia - China
  • Australia - Germany
  • Australia - USA


Speed and quality cannot be mutually exclusive. Our customer relationships are built on trust – because we prove how clever air freight works on a daily basis. Andreas Polychronakos, Global Airfreight Director



The cost of air freight transport depends on various factors and must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Basically, the distance of the route to be covered, the desired transit time as well as the size and weight of the individual consignment influence the total costs. The gross tonnage and the volume weight are compared and the higher value is used as the basis for the calculation.
Furthermore, supply and demand on the global market also plays a role in the cost calculation.
The cost of an air freight transport are therefore always dependent on the following parameters:
- Relation
- Size and weight of the shipment
- Nature of the goods / commodity
- Market situation at different times of the year / peak season

There is no minimum quantity for transport by air freight. However, there are certain flat rates that are more significant in percentage terms for smaller, lighter consignments than heavier ones.
As a general rule, the air freight rate per kg decreases as the weight of the shipment increases in the individual weight classes.

Yes, we offer both full and partial Air Freight Charter solutions for your air freight transport. There is also the possibility of using passenger aircraft converted into freighters, a so-called "Prachter".
Together with our partners, it is possible for us to organise such a solution from any airport and make you a tailor-made offer.

Of course, we organise your transports by air freight worldwide. With our own stations and the help of a strong network of reliable partners, your global delivery by air freight is possible for us. Find contact persons from our network at 30 different locations now. 


The transit time depends on the distance covered, the number of stops and the service level chosen.
In most cases, the transit time from one airport to another is between 2 and 7 days.

Both refrigerated deliveries and hazardous goods transports can be organised. Appropriate equipment, such as loading units, dry ice, thermal blankets, insulation boxes or data loggers are available in our warehouses or via the airlines.


Make a booking, track your freight and manage all documents quickly and efficiently - all on one platform.

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Real Time

Track & Trace of your freight

Röhlig Real Time puts your supply chain in your hands. Make a booking, track your freight and manage all documents quickly and efficiently - all on one platform.

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Transport Insurance versicherung

Why you should adequately secure your cargo

Röhlig Transport Insurance covers loss or damage to your cargo by air, water, rail or road, independently and at a competitive price.

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