The topic of sustainability encompasses three interconnected levels: Environment, Social and Governance. We are continuously working to strengthen these three pillars within our company. We clearly see our responsibility here and strive to promote all aspects of the ESG principles in all business activities and decisions. This refers not only to internal company processes, but also to our dealings with customers, suppliers and service providers. For us, Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) means actively and voluntarily creating sustainable added value beyond compliance with legal requirements.

Sustainability must be the basis of our entrepreneurial thinking and actions. For us, commitment to sustainability is corporate culture in action and an integral part of our corporate success. Fair business practices, good working conditions and sustainable procurement pay off.


When you realise that almost 8% of global CO2 emissions are attributable to the logistics industry, it becomes clear how great our responsibility is as a logistics service provider. We therefore see the reduction of CO2 emissions from the transports we carry out as a central task. We are constantly working on finding ways to reduce or offset the carbon footprint of our customers. By making emissions for freight routes visible (for example with our CO2 calculator), our customers can compare the alternative between Air and Sea Freight and can work out the best solution together with us.

➳ Find out more about our Pilot Project in Partnership with Lufthansa Cargo, which aims to make air freight transports more sustainable.

More information on our Sustainability Programme at Röhlig related to Environment.


Social within our Sustainability programme covers many areas. The focus is on good working conditions including equal opportunities and gender equality. Many things that seem self-evident to us in Europe must be actively safeguarded in other parts of the world. We stand behind the goals of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) such as poverty reduction and decent work. With regard to goals such as further education and health, we use all the means at our disposal.

For us, fair working conditions are inextricably linked to our relationships with service providers and customers. A credible internal implementation of Sustainability goals also establishes Röhlig as a reliable and fair partner for our customers and service providers.

Additional information on the Sustainability topic of "Social" at Röhlig

Corporate Governance 

A third important level of our Sustainability programme is the area of our Corporate Management or "Governance", referring to the criteria of Environmental Social Governance (ESG). We see ourselves as a "corporate citizen", conducting business processes and decisions consistently according to impeccable ethical standards. This includes guidelines against corruption, compliance, certified quality management and appropriate risk management.

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UN Global Compact - Sustainability Initiative

With over 15,000 signatories in more than 160 countries, the United Nations Global Compact is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. Founded in 2000, the voluntary pact brings together companies, civil society, governments and the UN to advance sustainable practices. At its core are ten universally accepted sustainability principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. More information can be obtained from: 

Our Commitment to the UN Global Compact

Röhlig joined the UN Global Compact in December 2021. As a Signatory, we are committed to aligning our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations with the Ten Principles and taking action in support of broader societal goals.


EcoVadis - Sustainability Rating

EcoVadis is a global collaborative platform providing Supplier Sustainability Ratings for global supply chains, with a focus on maintaining quality and integrity. Currently EcoVadis is providing Supplier Sustainability Ratings for global customers from various industries. More information can be obtained from: 

EcoVadis 2024 Rating of Röhlig 

Röhlig has been awarded the Committed Badge in 2024 by the collaborative platform EcoVadis as a recognition of our EcoVadis Rating performance in corporate responsibility. Companies use EcoVadis to reduce risk, drive innovation and foster transparency and trust between trading partners.