Intelligent monitoring for your cargo

Röhlig Tive Trackers are the next-level solution for a 360° monitoring of your shipments. These discrete trackers travel with your cargo to offer live-feed information on the position and condition of your goods. Powered by our partnership with TIVE, a leading technology provider, our trackers monitor position, humidity, light, temperature, and shock, while also recording the complete history of your shipment. 

An overview of Röhlig TIVE Trackers:

  • Lightweight device
  • In partnership with TIVE
  • Live-feed for numerous data points
  • Approved by airlines and carriers
tive tracker

Go live in as little as 48 hours.

Shipping soon? Röhlig TIVE Trackers 'plug-and-play' implementation means you can go from ordering to tracking in as little as 48-hours. Our quick service ensures fast delivery and easy set-up for use in your supply chain.

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A small device offering powerful data

Access detailed, live-feed data points anytime and anywhere
Check your cargo's geo-location and set environmental trigger alerts to protect your cargo. Record proof of shipment quality for your customers with optional 
visibility points via Portal view, SMS, Webhook and or API.

Quick start-up for any shipment
Lightweight single-use or USB micro-slot rechargable options available, both with a simple on/off button to start tracking instantly.
LTE Cat-M1 (4G/5G) or GSM (2G) global tracking technology allows you to track via any route in the world.

Make a positive change to your supply chain
No complicated documentation needed - 
Röhlig TIVE Trackers are certified as 'non-dangerous goods' by airline and ocean carriers. If you need a replacement, take advantage of our reverse logistics recycling green sustainability programs.

About Röhlig Tive Trackers

Röhlig Tive Trackers don’t just offer up-to-date information on your air, sea or road or rail shipments. They offer a full diagnosis on the condition of your cargo at any point during the journey, enabling you to address any potential issues and maintain the integrity of your goods.

As your freight forwarding experts, we selected TIVE as our partners in advanced cargo monitoring. A leading technology provider of tracking devices, TIVE’s cutting-edge hardware and software solutions ensure accurate and reliable data capture. Together, Röhlig Logistics and TIVE offer you a seamless tracking and monitoring experience.

Yes, Röhlig Tive Trackers are approved by airlines and carriers, meaning that you can monitor the condition of any kind of shipment at any stage of the journey.

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