Personnel development

Long-term career planning

We believe in professionally training staff and in long-term career planning.

The basis for our employee’s personal development at Röhlig is the annual employee assessment discussion. On that occasion, we are able to identify their potentials and needs and review them at least once per year. Together we then determine the next steps or training for their personal development.

Besides individual training, Röhlig offers customized training programmes at junior and senior level:

Blue Step

Is management the same as leadership? What leadership style suits my nature? And how do I approach interpersonal relationships with my colleagues? It’s no question that if you take on more responsibility you have to be prepared for it. Blue Step is aimed at employees who have had initial leadership experience and want to further develop their skills. The programme takes place in head office in Bremen and includes two training modules. Topics like management, finance, leadership and intercultural skills are taught in practice and in theory over five days. As well as training, the programme starts with an individual development centre, which we carry out together with an external trainer. 

Blue Arena

Blue Arena is a management development programme and was designed for executive staff with management experience and with the potential to take on higher-level tasks. Spread over 12 months, the programme combines three training modules (5 days each) with real-life project work with the aim to develop personal managerial and leadership skills and to deepen latest industry knowledge. The programme includes a developmental assessment center in the beginning and in the end of the programme.