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As an international, owner-operated logistics company, we develop worldwide transport solutions for our customers in international sea and air freight, project logistics and contract logistics. A global presence is essential to provide these services at a high level with the highest quality standards. That’s why our global network is so important to us because it allows us to offer our customers on every continent a reliable partnership.

Careers at Röhlig:

  • We are a family business – benefit from our family values

  • Intercultural work environment – we  have more than 2,700 employees from 70 nations and more than 35 countries

  • Diversity – we value diversity, as it makes our company what it is

  • Flat hierarchies

  • Short decision paths

  • Various offerings for a work–life balance

  • Options to work from home

  • On-boarding model and e-learning

  • Global and local management programmes

  • Training

  • Individual training and coaching

  • We want you to stay with us for a long time and focus on longevity

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‘We are a sixth-generation family business – with great deal of dynamism, a focus on performance and the stable values of an owner-operated company.’

Rachael Longley, Regional HR Manager – North Europe

International employer: a global company with family values

As a family-owned business with German roots, we make our decisions 100% independently, which means we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to market developments. Based on our long-running business tradition – Röhlig was founded in 1852 in Bremen and is currently being run by the family’s sixth generation – values such as personal integrity, trust and fairness are fundamental for us. This also includes us making forward-looking decisions – with the goal of handing over Röhlig to the next generation.

We train our employees systematically in order to support them in their responsibility.

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Internationally connected – be part of the global Röhlig team

Our global reach allows our employees to work with, and on, every continent of this planet – through daily exchange and placements abroad. 

This is how this looks in day-to-day working life: a customer wants to send goods from Germany to Australia, for example. Röhlig takes on the task, but this workflow only works if the responsible team in Germany collaborates perfectly with Australian colleagues. After all, we’re working towards the same goal: satisfied customers.

‘Röhlig is a good mix of big and small. Small enough that you still have an influence and are involved in many areas, and at the same time large enough that you have this international cooperation, this strong international network and the power behind the company to handle large projects.’

Felix Jeschke, Project Manager Contract Logistics, Röhlig Australia

This is how our employees are spread across the world:

Rocky sat on a sofa wearing a light-coloured shirt

‘I'm so proud to be a member of the Röhlig family, a great company with over 170 years of history. It's a pleasure each day to spend time with my colleagues both in China and around the world, whether face-to-face or online, working together to deliver for our customers.’

Rocky Liu, Operation Japan & <BR> Claims Manager – China and Japan

It works! An apprenticeship and dual study programme at Röhlig Germany

Start your career in an international environment. Röhlig Germany offers you a direct start – both through an apprenticeship and through a dual study programme. As a business person in freight forwarding and logistics services, you will get to know the global world of logistics and take on responsibility at an early stage. 

‘After studying business administration in Münster, I was given the opportunity to work for the company in New Zealand at the start of 2007. I was intensively supported by Röhlig and my colleagues were very supportive too. That’s really something very special! I returned to Germany after eight years, but my family and I never let go of our longing for New Zealand. After discussing this possibility with management, we found a solution together and we’re back living in Auckland today.’

Jochen Brandt, Branch Manager/Project Lead, Röhlig New Zealand

Daniel Herisch

What I like about Röhlig are the varied activities and the individual scope for creativity. I’m given a lot of trust and freedom in how I organise my day and how I achieve my goals. I’m very proud to work at Röhlig and to be able to contribute my ideas.

Daniel Herisch | Gateway Export Operator
Frankfurt | Joined Röhlig in 2022

It really feels like a family here at Röhlig. The company values you as a person, respects your time and your work-life balance. If you perform well, your efforts will always be rewarded. Röhlig gives you ample opportunities to improve your skills and develop yourself as a professional and as a person. We also enjoy a very diverse culture here at Röhlig, people from all over the world work here efficiently as one team. I very much appreciate and value this diversity and unity throughout the company.

Ali Agha | Financial Controller
Mount Prospect | Joined Röhlig in 2013
Annika Pedderson

What I like about Röhlig is that we’re a big company spread over the world but we’re also small enough to feel like family. Everybody will help you out if there is ever a problem, even when you’re not in the same location. Also, you are so well connected to all the colleagues around the world. Through our internal social media, you always know what’s going on at the other offices. When people share updates on their success, everybody supports them and cheers them on. That’s really great to see!

Annika Pederson | Air/Sea Freight Operator
Copenhagen | Joined Röhlig in 2021

The colleagues and especially the management are really supportive here at Röhlig. If we have problems they always listen and try to help you. My boss really trusts in me and my work. Whenever I encounter a problem I’m not afraid to discuss it with him because he has confidence in me that I'll find a solution.

Stefania Amadoro | Airfreight Operations Manager
Milan | Joined Röhlig in 2013

The two important things that I really appreciate at Röhlig are empowerment and trust. For me, it’s important to trust your employees and to empower them on their way and Röhlig is really doing this. I think that’s a really great thing and it’s the reason why I love to work for Röhlig.

Rita Bavdekar | Sea Freight Manager
Mumbai | Joined Röhlig in 2017

Röhlig is a very friendly company with many personal connections across all offices and hierarchies. You feel valued here as a person and your own opinion is recognised. As a medium-sized company, Röhlig is a good mix of big and small. Small enough that you still have an influence and are involved in many areas, and at the same time large enough that you have this international cooperation, this strong international network and the power behind the company to handle large projects. The focus on progress and sustainability is also very important to me for a company and that's where Röhlig is really developing strongly.

Felix Jeschke | Project Manager Contract Logistics
Perth | Joined Röhlig in 2018

I started my career at Röhlig and I am still here because I can grow in this company. Even after 24 years, I still have many opportunities to develop. That's why I never had the feeling of being 'stuck'. From the very beginning, my opinion has been heard and I have received support from all sides. My colleagues have now become real friends, because I have been working with many of them for years. Overall, Röhlig really feels like a family to me, which is why I feel so connected to the company.

Lorena Pérez | National Seafreight Manager
Barcelona | Joined Röhlig in 2000

Röhlig traditionally has a lot to offer in the area of young talent - from management trainee and development programmes for junior talents and managers to foreign assignments. I myself was offered the opportunity to work in Australia for three years in 2007 - including the option of subsequent employment. That was a very special time in which I learnt a lot, not only professionally, but also for the rest of my life. Such investments in employees are commonplace here, and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that were opened up to me. Looking ahead, I am looking forward to continuing to grow with the company and passing on my experience to younger colleagues.

Stefan Besse | Global Key Account Manager/Trade Lane Manager AU & NZ
Hamburg | Joined Röhlig in 2001

I particularly value Röhlig's family-friendliness, as this is an integral part of the corporate culture. The flexibility in terms of location and time and the high level of trust in the team are particularly helpful in balancing private life and work. "Röhlig Global Family" is not just an empty phrase, but is reflected in a great team spirit and a very pleasant working atmosphere.

Rebecca Priess | Air Freight Export Operator
Hamburg | Joined Röhlig 2006-2012 and again in 2019

What I especially appreciate about Röhlig are the many opportunities I have been given in the nine years I have been working here. I was hired while I was doing my master’s degree in Australia and Röhlig waited for me until the end of my studies. That was a great indication for me that the company really sees the value of me as an employee. Röhlig truly stands for the long-term nature of its employees. The company really understands their strengths and how to use their potential. That is one of the reasons why I and so many others have been successful at Röhlig for so long.

Rogério Vianna | Customer Solutions Manager
London | Joined Röhlig in 2015

Your career at Röhlig

Personnel development programme

We offer a number of options: Would you like to spend a few years abroad? Or would you prefer to be permanently based at a fixed location so you can get off to a proper start there? You’ll find the right perspective with us. We foster your professional development through further education and training programmes. The coexistence of different mentalities and cultures is one of our strengths.

‘Encouraging employees on an individual basis and long-term career planning are the foundations of us working together. Essentially, building and transferring knowledge is very important to us, which is why we promote employee exchanges between our national companies around the world.’

Christine Kirsch, Corporate Personnel Development

Trainees, graduates, professionals –
what you should definitely bring with you

Whether you’re a logistics specialist with years of experience or whether you’re just starting your career, there are qualities that you should bring with you regardless of your specialist expertise: an international approach, intercultural team spirit and an interest in digital and technological progress are things that are essential for us.

What makes us special? Pragmatism, flat hierarchies and direct paths.

Working at Röhlig is often pragmatic, decisions are made without long delays, personal customer relationships are important to us, people are our focus, we leave space for independence and for personal and professional development.

What our on-boarding process is like

Your professional and personal integration is a priority for us. That’s why we support you from the very beginning. Your team colleagues are of course your first point of contact, as they’ll help you get used to daily working life. Our e-learning platform also provides you with key knowledge with respect to our company: how do sea freight, sales, air freight and all of the other services work at Röhlig? What country-specific differences are there? This is what a successful start to working at Röhlig is like.

Award-winning family-friendly working atmosphere

In order to further consolidate the family-conscious personnel policy at Röhlig and to take individual concerns into account when creating a family-friendly working climate, Röhlig has been certified by the Hertie Foundation's Work and Family Audit since 2008.
The audit covers the existing measures for better compatibility of work and family life. Based on eight fields of action - working hours, work organisation, place of work, information and communication policy, management competence, personnel development, remuneration components and non-monetary benefits as well as services for families - coordinated measures are developed into a comprehensive overall strategy in order to find and implement solutions that are as tailor-made as possible.


Logo Bremer Diversity Preis

Bremen Diversity Prize: ‘Encouraging example for other medium-sized enterprises’

Röhlig won the Bremen Diversity Prize in 2014. It was awarded by an association of various social institutions and honours organisations that promote diversity. We received the award for appreciating diversity as a corporate culture, for consciously creating cultural diversity within the workforce, for our exemplary international young talent development programme, for promoting family friendliness within the company and for creating a gender balance. The jury praised Röhlig’s attitude and steps taken as an encouraging example for other medium-sized enterprises.

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