At Röhlig, we are committed to promoting gender equity and strive to provide all aspiring leaders with the support they need to reach their full potential. We have substantially increased the ratio of women in leadership positions already and continue to make meaningful progress. As part of our efforts in this area, our HR department has interviewed seven female employees in leadership roles. Find out more about their individual experiences, opinions and advice to others below.

Why is it important for you to support and promote women at Röhlig?

Ulrike Baum, Chief Human Resources Officer and member of the Global Executive Board at Röhlig Logistics
“I’m convinced that it’s very beneficial for  the company to have mixed teams. Women bring a different perspective to the table – we look at things differently and that is something valuable which is also seen as such here at Röhlig. While we actively encourage more women to take the lead, I also have to say that we have already improved a lot in that respect. For example, we have significantly increased the proportion of women in our management development programmes in recent years. We can also offer the flexibility needed to give women with families the opportunity to take on a leadership position. Overall,  we have far more women in leadership now and the topic is much more present.”

What do you think needs to change to ensure that the proportion of women in management positions continues to rise in society?

Stephanie Vineeta, Regional HR Manager SE Asia at Röhlig Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
"I think we should encourage women to support each other more. We should have an open door policy for younger women who want to be leaders and give them the opportunity to ask ‘How did you do it?’, ‘How did you achieve your goals?’ or ‘What should I do?’, ‘What studies should I take?’ And at the end of the day, a question could be ‘Are you willing to mentor me?’ So we need more female mentorship programmes for aspiring young women.”

What would you recommend to young women who are at the beginning of their career and want to reach a leadership positon?

Tracy Minnec, Chief Human Resources Officer at Rohlig USA, LLC
“Follow your passion – never a paycheck , because when you are connected to what you are doing, it shows! You have this very anabolic, positive energy around you, that attracts success and that connects you to other successful people. Find a mentor, find someone who can inspire you to be your best self. Who can see you in a way that you haven’t seen yourself yet. And also: Enjoy the journey! You are where you are supposed to be right now. Don’t compare your chapter one to somebody’s chapter 25. Be open to always learning and to finding those connections. It is coming to you naturally. Just believing in yourself, that’s where it starts."


What motivated you to pursue a leadership position?

Daniela Dethmann, Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing  at Röhlig Logistics
"Looking back on my career, the principle of ‘challenge and support’ has been most meaningful to me. I knew my managers had my back, challenging me on the one hand, but also offering support. This gave me enough freedom and confidence to pursue my potential. I have learnt a lot from this method of mentoring people. At Röhlig, it is the cultural values, flat hierarchies and appreciative working atmosphere that lay the foundation for collaboration.”


Did you have support on your way to your current leadership position?

Hanna Wiedemann, Manager Sea Freight Import at Röhlig Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
“My boss at the time clearly communicated that he saw leadership potential in me and really showed me what my strengths are. He encouraged me to try out this new position and also gave me the security that even if it didn’t work out, there would always be a place for me at Röhlig. The way he supported me was definitely a key experience for me and my leadership style. I always make a point of encouraging others to challenge themselves – many just need a little push and the reassurance that someone believes they can do it.”

Were there any obstacles on your way to this leadership position?

Pauline Legodi, Chief Human Resources Officer at Rohlig Grindrod (Pty) Ltd
“Starting with the previous company, not only was I the first woman at that level, but also the first African woman at that level. So it was something that was new to the organisation and I experienced a number of obstacles, though I did have support from my CEO. The person I replaced was a white man and the business was really used to him. Despite my competence, I often had to prove myself and really force myself in. It was a period that was not so easy. But when I came into Röhlig, the environment was very accepting and I didn’t experience any obstacles at all. I had support from everyone – the local team, my HR colleagues and the Managing Director, so I really did not struggle.”

What can companies do to promote and support women on their way to leadership positions?

Anna Stegert, Director Group Treasury at Röhlig Logistics
“In my opinion, a mentoring programme offers a lot of potential. Career planning should be set up in such a way that perspectives are shown – what skills does the person have and how can these be promoted? I also think that a company has to offer flexibility and room for development, which is something I really appreciate about Röhlig. The chance to go abroad also helps young people enormously in their personal development, and that’s another great opportunity offered here.”

How has your experience at Röhlig Logistics influenced your leadership style?

Neha Tandon, Branch Manager (Kolkata) at Röhlig Logistics India
“Achieving my full potential would not have been possible without the support of my mentors. You need to have the right mentor and the right senior colleagues to help you grow. I take this experience and apply it to my own team in order to be a good leader.”

What was helpful for you in balancing your career as well as your family?

Claudia Drewes, Director Global Program at Röhlig Logistics
“The ability to hold a management position part-time was essential for me. This wasn't possible at other companies. However, Röhlig Logistics offered me support right from the start and we found a flexible solution together. I immediately felt that this was the workplace for me. On a typical workday, I can come into the office in the morning, then join my children for lunchtime at home. In the afternoon when the kids are busy with their hobbies, I have online meetings. This flexibility around time and location is one of the main factors helping me to balance my family and career.”

What would you recommend to young women who are at the beginning of their career and aspire to a leadership position?

Jessica Ambriz, National Operations & Pricing Manager at Röhlig Logistics Mexico
“Don't be afraid to be strong and direct. Ensure that your voice is heard! We can help to maintain a respectful work environment for all, while at the same time advocating for our own goals and achievements.”

jessica ambriz