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Our customer is a big multinational consumer goods company from Europe. It can look back on a long and successful history of doing business around the world. To keep its multifaceted business running, our customer needs fast solutions and quick deliveries. Röhlig has developed a global approach to fulfill these needs.  

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Global control tower

Once we receive a request from our customer, we are supposed to send an offer in return within 24 hours.  

To fulfill this requirement, we have established a global control tower for the customer. It serves as the single touch point to our entire Röhlig organisation and is available to our customer 24 hours a day.

Our control tower receives five to ten inquiries from our customer’s side per day. Our team sends the requests to the countries involved, and provides them with instructions for solutions. Within a 24-hour-timeframe, our national organisations report their offers back to the control tower. Our control tower team gather all of the offers received and present them to the customer. 

Wrap up:

  • 25,551t of air freight per year
  • Röhlig network: nearly all countries involved
  • Control tower as single touch point for the customer
  • Main transport routes:
    • Europe - USA - Europe
    • China - USA - China


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Great worldwide network leads to nearly 26,000t of air freight


With this set-up, Röhlig has been delivering air freight services to the customer for two years now, with air freight volume amounting to 25,551t over the previous year. Our main transport routes with this customer are

* Europe – USA – Europe
* China – USA – China

“Behind these facts stands a great global team that ensures a quick order handling: Countless late calls, late emails, late decisions taken beyond borders – our global team is extremely committed to making things happen. Over the years, we had nearly all Röhlig countries involved with this client. Everybody is eager to contribute her/his knowledge and to think outside the box in order to develop the best solution for our customer. The work of our people is really fantastic and it is that very moment, when your customer calls to thank you for your great service, that you know: It was completely worth the effort.” Key Account Manager Tomasz Kolosowski proudly states. 

Ad-hoc air freight services plus two particular air freight projects

For this customer from the consumer goods industry, Röhlig has delivered air freight services on an ad-hoc basis amounting to nearly 26,000t over the previous year. In addition, we handled two particular projects: 

* 15 full charters of air freight from Australia to Hong Kong as well as from Germany and Belgium to China. 

* Temperature controlled air freight from Mexico to Brasil. This project was really unique and the first time in our customer’s history.  

“Last year, we covered 10 per cent of our customer’s global air freight volume, thus, our share is small but increasing and we strive to grow that share! This business has given us the chance to further develop our internal processes in terms of taking care of global players. We have taken a lot of advantage from this opportunity and lifted our set-up to the next level. Now we are ready for more!” states Gilles Ducarme, Global Sales Director. 

Rohlig air freight pallet
Rohlig temperature-controlled air freight
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