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IT is the digital requirement for every type of freight transport in our digital age. Paper-based back-up scenarios are a thing of the past, and without electronic data transfers freight can no longer be moved today. If freight forwarders cannot communicate digitally with customs or shipping companies, goods will not be loaded or delivered on time. It is the responsibility of IT to ensure that systems operate effectively and reliably at all times. Our subsidiary Röhlig blue-net does just that: our IT experts not only look after our freight forwarding software, but also the entire IT landscape necessary to achieve this. In addition, we develop customized IT solutions that help companies to keep their logistical processes running smoothly.

Overview and Process Efficiency: Customer Benefits through Digital Solutions

Many of our customers have an interface with Röhlig Logistics and keep telling us how much this facilitates their processes.

The advantages at a glance: 

Stronger process efficiency
Interfaces simplify operations by automatically transferring data between systems. As a result, employees have to enter significantly less data manually or more than once.

Overview of the entire supply chain
Customers receive real-time information about where their goods are located.

For example, the customers buyer or production planner is looking for a specific part and has the ability to use the part number to determine where in the world this part is currently stored, ordered, or on the way to. This gives the customer a better overview of his supply chain and enables him to optimize processes.

In recent years, the situation has changed massively and today logistics is no longer possible without a smooth logistics IT.

Dennis Albers, Product Owner My Röhlig

Logistics controlling by evaluation of shipment data

The comprehensive IT systems of the Röhlig Group go far beyond the offerings of a comparable classic freight forwarder and offer new possibilities for logistics controlling. Logistic and accounting data on all shipments carried by Röhlig can be summarized and are available as an additional service in dynamic reports. Customers thus have the opportunity to optimize their logistics processes and worldwide flow of goods.


Röhlig Quick Track & Trace and Röhlig RealTime

Röhlig Logistics provides various offerings for logistics digitization. The entry level for customers with a smaller order volume is Röhlig Track & Trace, where customers can enter their tracking number and immediately see their shipments  location.

The web-based digital booking platform Röhlig Real Time also offers additional functions: At the core of Röhlig Real Time is a comprehensive tracking of the entire supply chain as well as access and filter functions for information linked to shipments. An example of this is the option to find shipments via article or purchase order number, provided that this information is available to Röhlig. Customers can search for and use their own criteria instead of managing Röhlig references. In terms of supply chain management, this also opens up completely new possibilities: If an article is missing for the current production, Real Time enables it at any given time to quickly find out where and how many units are currently in transit.

In addition, Real Time enables new freight forwarding shipments to be commissioned online and with recurring shipments via templates it is possible to collect them in less than a minute. Röhlig Logistics can work on the same dataset, while customers receive a continuous update on shipment status via Röhlig Real Time details of their shipment.

Test Röhlig Real Time

Customer-specific IT logistics interfaces for integration into the ERP

Direct integration is the ideal option for companies with a higher order volume because it connects the customer's own ERP system directly with the system of the logistics company. Companies that manage their order from their system and choose Röhlig as a forwarding agent no longer need to make contact. Instead, Röhlig Logistics receives a data record informing them that a new consignment is ready to be picked up. The entire logistical process can then take place directly in the Röhlig system: Status information collected, such as a pick-up or shipment, is played directly back into the customer's ERP system via interfaces. In this way, all systems always display the current data status in real time.

"Customers and logisticians work through interfaces in their preferred system while the systems communicate with each other in the background."

Dennis Albers, Product Owner My Röhlig

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What interfaces with external IT logistics partners accomplish

Within Röhlig we have established universal interfaces between the systems for our customer’s benefit: no matter if used in China, the USA or Australia and regardless of the kind of systems used, there is a globally uniform data structure. The integration of our systems in the background across all sites ensures that there is always a unique data source for all applications. An integration is thus independent of individual sites or systems on Röhlig’ s side. This adds significant value for our customers. 

The construction of individual interfaces is complex

As each country has its own regulatory requirements, system designs and the development of individual interfaces are sometimes complex: interfaces with customs and finance ministries are required, which must take into account individual data structures. Our subsidiary Röhlig blue-net therefore develops or retains permanent interfaces with partners, shipping companies, airlines and other third-party providers.


"Today, freight forwarders are a data hub and Röhlig Logistics collects all data related to the transport of goods from the point of departure to the destination."

Pascal Eggert, Head of IT at Röhlig blue-net


A record is enriched along the transport chain with additional shipping information such as the ship's departure data or customs status. Any action that alters the data can be used as a trigger to provide customers with customized additional information, from simple email notifications to complete records extraction for direct integration with our customer’s systems.

Today more than ever: IT takes care of the defence against cyber attacks

The danger of cyber-attacks is eminent and such scenarios are very real, as the logistics world learned in 2017. Attackers were able to paralyze an international ship-owner’s systems for weeks, causing considerable damage to all involved parties. We therefore take the topic very seriously and our subsidiary blue-net develops measures to ensure the greatest possible IT security. They act as service provider and consultant in all matters relating to logistics IT and IT security.

The Röhlig bonus: IT plus human factor

Today many companies are working on digitally mapping their entire transport chain. For this purpose, systems are being developed with the main intention of simplifying data collection and forwarding. Oftentimes, though, companies lack something important: the human factor. If problems occur a person with appropriate specialist knowledge will be able to intervene in order to eliminate faults in the automated processes. In comparison to machines, humans are able to respond even faster and more flexibly to errors and unplanned events. That's why we at Röhlig do not rely on pure IT processes: Röhlig Logistics has a network of competent employees around the globe who have this unique specialist knowledge as well as country-specific knowledge. Our customers always have a local contact person and thus contact to the Röhlig network because we know quite well that efficient IT solutions alone are not always sufficient.

Röhlig employees support the company IT around the clock operating 24/7 in order to provide the Röhlig Group.

Pascal Eggert, Head of IT at Röhlig blue-net

About Röhlig blue-net

The subsidiary Röhlig blue-net GmbH is responsible for all IT issues at Röhlig Logistics. From the digital infrastructure to the provision of internet cables and system applications to technical support, blue-net handles all of our IT services. But Röhlig blue-net goes even further than that and develops customer-specific interfaces and IT products that support our customers in their business endeavours.

The global Röhlig IT team: infrastructure, applications, support and development of customized interfaces

The Röhlig blue-net team currently has around one hundred employees across the globe who specialize in various technical areas in order to ensure smooth processes as a team at all times. Blue-net supervises various development projects, applications and SAP applications for all areas of the Röhlig Group. The company also has a focus on effective first- and second-level support with its helpdesk - with a complete dedicated team of trained staff.


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