September 2023

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Welcome to the Röhlig Australia Market Update - September 2023. We will continue to be in contact with you, letting you know what is happening in the world of freight forwarding and logistics. If you have any questions and would like to address them, please send them to We appreciate your suggestions and feedback. 

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September arrivals are now near pre covid levels, with Sydney breaching the 100 international flights per day. Beside the missing Qatar flights we are now near regular capacity.
All those extra flights certainly aren’t helping Qantas terminals Australia wide at the moment, with a recent I.T. platform switch, currently causing chaos nationally. Qantas are the air cargo terminal operator for near 50% of international flights, and we are currently experiencing 72 hour delays and more on inbound and outbound cargo. While expected to clear over the next week, you can find more official information here: 

With rates having been on the decline over the last 6 months, we are now seeing a plateau and some concern going into Q4 with airlines indicating higher prices through increased fuel costs
Read more: Qantas issues warning on higher airfares as jet fuel costs jump

Oil and Jet fuel prices

The oil price channel we have been in for nearly a year has broken spectacularly, with barrel prices at 95 USD per barrel at the time of writing.
The price at the pump and on fuel surcharges is geopolitical and not demand induced, with OPEC continuing to retrain its supplies in order to continue the barrel price north of 100 USD.
Read more: Oil Prices ‘Melt Up’ in a March Toward $100 a Barrel

To summarise, as we head into Q4, we can expect some turbulence in the air-cargo market, however, we are well positioned to handle the challenges. (Check: Oil chart and Jet Fuel chart )

The recent Qantas stoppages are the real change from better times last month and is ongoing. Expect in and outbound delays to continue until week the second week of October.

New Zealand
NZ continues doing it tough, with the Australian delays adding huge pressure to air-cargo supply chains and carriers, focusing on aircraft that favour passengers over freight. That is strangling the market with Emirates/Qatar/Singapore Airlines and Cathay currently limited in capacity, pressuring rates and right into an Oil price increase. We actively focus on resolutions to overcome this and expect contingency measures to last through at least half of October.

Short term we expect disruptions due to China’s ‘Golden week’ (when it rains, it pours) for both capacity and rates with flight downgrades during this time. More normal service to resume mid-October, however Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore hubs all operating normally.

For some better news, ex USA we are seeing Stable services and costs which we expect to remain through Q4 at this stage. The potential party spoiler will be fuel costs running north of 100 USD and we’ll monitor closely.
We’re operating twice weekly from Chicago ( servicing most of the USA ) now, and regularly out of LAX airports. Contact us for the best airfreight in the business, email or call our Team.

We continue operating premium and economy options out of Europe with good success. Our on time and fast Emirates freighter services remain solid with little delays. Our slower services certainly take longer however there is savings to be made if you have time on your side.
If you have any questions, please click Air Freight services to learn more, call your local account manager or contact our friendly Team.


Passing an AMCAS audit in Australia, particularly concerning the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL), is a crucial achievement for individuals and businesses operating in the transportation and logistics industry.
The NHVL is a comprehensive legal framework that governs heavy vehicle operations across various Australian states and territories.
Compliance with NHVL regulations is essential to ensure the safety of road users and the efficient functioning of the transport sector.
Successfully passing an AMCAS audit, which assesses a company’s adherence to NHVL standards, signifies that the business has met the necessary requirements, such as vehicle maintenance, driver qualifications, and fatigue management.
This not only demonstrates commitment to safety and legal compliance, but also enhances the reputation and reliability of the company in the highly regulated and competitive Australian transport industry.
Passing an AMCAS audit under NHVL standards is a testament to a company’s dedication to operating responsibly and contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of Australia’s heavy vehicle transportation system.


Röhlig Linehaul service offers reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for customers’ road freight needs. We have a network of experienced and qualified drivers, own fleet, subcontractors and partners who ensure safe and timely delivery of your goods.

Rohlig linehaul can handle various types of cargo, from general to oversized, from palletised to containerised.

  • Advanced 3PL/carrier management
  • Reduced trucking costs
  • Rural deliveries available
  • Faster deliveries
  • Enhanced delivery experience
  • Increased door to door visibility

For special rates, more information on Rohlig linehaul or any other logistics services, please contact or send an email to

Thank you for your ongoing support of Röhlig Australia and New Zealand. We will continue to keep you updated, however should you have any questions relating please do not hesitate to contact your Röhlig Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.  


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