Röhlig Netherlands donates for surf lessons for children with Down syndrome, autism and ADHD

Röhlig Netherlands handover the cheque to Surf Project
Röhlig Netherlands handover the cheque to Surf Project

The Röhlig Charity Program

At Röhlig Logistics we understand the vital importance of looking after our people. Our people are not just Röhlig employees, but also the wider communities around the world that we are actively involved with. The Röhlig Charity Program is Röhlig’s way of giving back to those in the wider community that need it most. After all, we are “always by your side”.

All employees at Röhlig Netherlands were asked which charity they would like to support in the Röhlig Charity Program. After a series of polls, we were delighted to announce that we would be supporting Surf Project.

Surf Project

Surf Project was set up in 2014 with the aim of building self-confidence through surf lessons in children aged 8-18 with Down syndrome, autism and ADHD.

For all children, participating in sports is crucial. It not only makes them physically stronger but it also builds their self-confidence and social skills and therefore they will more likely be able to take part in our society.

How it works:

  • The participating children surf in small teams.
  • Each team has a certified surf instructor, and each child is individually guided by a volunteer.
  • Surf Project makes sure the children have one on one guidance by the same buddy during the first three lessons, improving confidence because they see the same face.
  • The children belong to a team and to their own colour. This helps them grow their social skills.
  • They don’t have to play together to win. There is no competition but many high fives are given in the water.
  • Everybody is a winner. You surf with your team and you are happy for everybody who glides the waves!

The Hand-Over

On 19th September 2021, Röhlig Netherlands’ B.V., Willem Brouwer, and Nikita Lageweg Van Der Touw (HR Coordinator at Röhlig Netherlands) visited Surf Project at the Beach Zandvoor to hand-over the 5000 EUR donation. They were greeted by the founder of Surf Project, Suzanne van den Broek-Dietz. She told the Röhlig Netherlands team how the foundation started and what they do, and that there are located in 4 beaches, Zandvoort, Ouddorp, Camperduin and Ter Heijde. After this, they saw a lesson with children who had Down syndrome, autism and ADHD. It was very cool to see how the children experience the lesson. Due to Covid in 2020, they have not yet been able to fulfill their plan of setting up a 19+ group. This is what the 5000 EUR donation would go towards. After hearing about how the donation would help the charity, the Röhlig Netherlands representatives and Suzanne from Surf Project carried out the hand-over.


It is a wonderful feeling to be able to directly contribute to improving the lives of this wonderful group of people. The great work that Surf Project is doing to help those with Autism, Down syndrome and ADHD is something Röhlig Netherlands is proud to support.” – Richard Keur, Röhlig Netherlands’ B.V.

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