Röhlig Denmark Supports Save the Children/Red Barnet with Donation

Röhlig Denmark Donate 5000 EUR to Red Barnet
Röhlig Denmark Donate 5000 EUR to Red Barnet

25 August 2021 - At Röhlig Logistics we understand the vital importance of looking after our people. Our people are not just Röhlig employees, but also the wider communities around the world that we are actively involved with. The Röhlig Charity Program is Röhlig’s way of giving back to those in the wider community that need it most. After all, we are “always by your side”.

All employees at Röhlig Denmark were asked which charity they would like to support in the Röhlig Charity Program. After a series of polls, we were delighted to announce that we would be supporting Save the Children/Red Barnet.

Save the Children/Red Barnet

Globally, the charity is known as Save the children, but in Denmark it is called Red Barnet. All children have the right to a good and safe upbringing. Red Barnet work to give children a better life in Denmark and the rest of the world. They save, protect and strengthen children and fight for their rights to be respected.

Red Barnet do this by:

  • Helping children before, during and after disasters and conflicts that could ruin their lives. 
  • Deliver food, water and medicine and create child-friendly areas in refugee camps. 
  • Teach children to prevent and reduce the extent of a disaster,
  • Ensure children are still educated during and after a disaster or conflict.
  • Prevent bullying in Danish schools and institutions, and fight all forms of violence and sexual abuse against children. 
  • Help children living in poverty and arrange holiday camps and experiences for the most disadvantaged children in Denmark.

You can read more about Save the Children/Red Barnet on their website here: https://redbarnet.dk/

The Hand-Over

On 25th August 2021, Röhlig Denmark’s Country Manager, Jesper Edvardsen, and Nina Lind (Sales manager at Röhlig Denmark) visited Red Barnet at their site in Copenhagen to hand-over the 5000 EUR donation. They were greeted by key Red Barnet representatives, who gave them a short tour of the site. Jesper enjoyed hearing all about the amazing work the charity has carried out to give aid to those children who have suffered violence, abuse, poverty and/or desperation. Even those who have suffered as a result of war and natural disaster are supported by Red Barnet. After hearing about how the donation would help the charity, the Röhlig Denmark representatives met with Rasmus Nørgaard-Edmund, Senior Corporate Partnership Manager at Save the Children/Red Barnet, and others at Red Barnet to carry out the hand-over.

“With your support, we work actively to ensure that children receive benefits in the world of which they are a part of. We believe that great change is created in communities. No one can work miracles alone - and that's exactly why your support is so important. Once again thank you.” - Rasmus Nørgaard-Edmund, Senior Corporate Partnership Manager at Save the Children/Red Barnet


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