Röhlig Belgium Supports VZW Eindelijk with Donation

Röhlig Belgium representatives hand-over the donation to VZW Eindelijk
Röhlig Belgium representatives hand-over the donation to VZW Eindelijk

10 August 2021 - At Röhlig Logistics we understand the vital importance of looking after our people. Our people are not just Röhlig employees, but also the wider communities around the world that we are actively involved with. The Röhlig Charity Program is Röhlig’s way of giving back to those in the wider community that need it most. After all, we are “always by your side”.

All employees at Röhlig Belgium were asked which charity they would like to support in the Röhlig Charity Program. After a series of polls, we were delighted to announce that we would be supporting VZW Eindelijk.

VZW Eindelijk

Since 2000, VZW Eindelijk has provided therapeutical daily activities for people who suffered a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury can be caused by a car accident, a cerebrovascular accident, an infection, a brain tumor, etc. The consequences of a brain injury have a massive impact on the lives of the person themselves as well as the family’s. After the acute medical care and rehabilitation program, they are often doomed to stay at home, with deterioration and isolation as a possible consequence. In September 2019, 19 members have moved into VZW Eindelijk’s innovative living project ‘t Eigennest. It’s a project that offers them every possibility for self-sustainability by allowing them to live in apartments supported by carers.

The main goal of VZW Eindelijk, Projecten NAH is to provide self-sustainability for people with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). They are full-fledged people in the society because they have:

  • Direction of their own life: making their own life choices, quality of life
  • Psychosocial and physical well-being
  • Autonomy: taking responsibility, completing day-to-day activities, achieving maximal self-sustainability
  • Inclusion in society

You can read more about VZW Eindelijk on their website here: https://www.naheindelijk.be/

The Hand-Over

On 10th August 2021, Röhlig Belgium’s General Manager, Thierry Delmotte, and Liesbeth Mertens visited VZW Eindelijk at their site in Buggenhout to hand-over the 5000 EUR donation. They were greeted by key representatives of VZW Eindelijk, who gave them a short tour of the site. Thierry enjoyed hearing all about the amazing work the charity has carried out to give those suffering with a TBI a sense of independence and autonomy. Röhlig Belgium’s donation will go towards a new MOTOmed, developed by Fietslabyrinth. The MOTOmed movement trainer helps combat movement issues with gentle and safe motorised physical training. With the new innovative and interactive screen attached, the MOTOmed doesn’t just improve physical skills, but also aids with cognitive rehabilitation, such as orientation, reaction speed, motivation and more. VZW Eindelijk have also invited the rest of the Röhlig Belgium team for a site tour later in the year. After hearing about how the donation would help the charity, the Röhlig Belgium representatives met with a volunteer (Patrick) and two habitants (Anneke and Toon) to carry out the hand-over.

“It was a great pleasure to be part of this moment and to see the impact of our donation on everybody. We will continue to support this great charity and are looking forward to returning with our staff members later on in the year.” - Thierry Delmotte, General Manager of Röhlig Belgium.


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