How will Lunar New Year 2024 affect shipping?

When is Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year holiday, also known as Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, Seollal and Tết, can range from a few days to over one week, depending on the region. Mainland China and Taiwan have the longest Lunar New Year holiday. Therefore, they have the longest downtime in terms of shipping and logistics operations. However, Lunar New Year is also celebrated in other countries in North and Southeast Asia. As the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, dates always vary from year to year.

  • February 10-17 (Mainland China)
  • February 10-13 (Hong Kong)
  • February 8-14 (Taiwan)
  • February 9-12 (South Korea)
  • February 11-13 (Singapore)
  • February 8-14 (Vietnam)
  • February 10-12 (Malaysia)

Shipping and logistics operations will be slower than normal before and after Lunar New Year, particularly in North Asia. This delay also has a knock-on effect for trade lanes, such as in nearby Southeast Asia. Consequently, we advise all customers to prepare their bookings and flow of cargo in advance to account for this delay. 

Our staff will be out of office during the designated public holidays in each region, however our teams will ensure that all shipments are managed and that customers maintain a point of  contact during this time via email or phone. 

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