Röhlig China's domestic entity demonstrates Project Logistics expertise

two oversize containers and Rohlig staff carrying Rohlig flag
Queue of vehicles carrying oversize loads

Delivery to door using specialised vehicles

A separate consideration was the transfer to a smaller truck in order to enter the customer’s factory. Again, our team was able to organise this transfer on behalf of the customer as part of our tailor-made solution, and the containers were delivered to our customer’s factory floor within 1 day of their arrival at Chongqing.

Rohlig employees and red crane

Dyanamic project and contract logistics solutions in China

This highly successful solution is just one example of the services now on offer in China, supported by Röhlig’s experienced staff and our facilities in key locations.

In addition to local know-how and resources, our are also equipped with large-scale bonded and non-bonded warehouses capable of offering value-add services including labelling, packing, consolidation and more.

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