Playfully discover the digital world - Röhlig Logistics supports digital learning at two primary schools in Bremen


Bremen, January 30th, 2019 - On Monday, January 28th, 2019, students at Bremen's Oberneuland Primary School discovered the digital world in a playful way. Each child received a "HABA Digitalwerkstatt Box," which included programming tasks such as child-friendly programming and tinkering projects. Bremen's logistics company Röhlig has covered the costs of the boxes.


"Digital transformation poses major challenges for our entire society. One of them is to reasonably prepare children for the digital future and introduce them to new technologies. At Röhlig, we want to contribute by supporting this pilot project, " enthuses Philip W. Herwig, Managing Partner of Röhlig Logistics.


Under the guidance of a digital workshop trainer, the third-grade students opened their boxes and began playing with their tinkering projects. Using the materials in the boxes, each child solved a crafting task with an LED light which lit up when the game's instructions were not properly followed. The children especially enjoyed getting to craft their own small, yet technical experiments.


Headmaster Dagmar Sense is excited about the project: "Our third-graders are between eight and nine years old. It's great how much joy and curiosity the students have for these crafting tasks. Our girls and boys are equally motivated to take up such new technologies. We will carry out the pending programming task here at our school and are already looking forward to working more with this project."


Röhlig also provided the third-graders of the Bremen elementary school, Schule in der Vahr, with the HABA Digital workshop boxes.

In addition, Röhlig Logistics supports various social initiatives every year which are not only proposed by its own employees but also by cultural institutions such as the Musikfest and the Kunsthalle Bremen.



1_Philip W. Herwig of Röhlig Logistics hands over the Digitalworkshop boxes to headmaster Dagmar Sense and class teachers Jessica Frost, Mechthild Meyerrose-Gerken and Cornelia Wohltmann (from left to right)

2 _ tinkering with class 3c of Oberneuland Primary School: Philip W. Herwig with Benedict (9) and Lisa (8)

3_ Classroom Teacher Cornelia Wohltmann tries out Raphael's homemade play (9)

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