Röhlig Taiwan Supports Pandemic Prevention Efforts in India & Nepal

Three representatives hold Rohlig Taiwan donation certificate in front of World Vision logo.
Representatives from World Vision Taiwan receive Röhlig Taiwan's donation.

18 Aug 2021 - This year’s Röhlig Logistics Charity Programme has already seen our teams across Asia contribute towards charitable causes including life-saving surgery for children.

As a part of the programme, the Röhlig Taiwan team nominated World Vision Taiwan to recieve their donation after learning about the charity's work supporting children in need.

During the nomination process, our team had the opportunity to reflect on what social responsibility means to them, as well as to learn about local charities and causes. Our colleagues were especially invested in helping people living in vulnerable conditions around the world, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic has presented challenges for so many.

Thank you note from World Vision to Rohlig Taiwan showing health workers and pink hearts
World Vision Taiwan sent a thank you note for our team's donation to Covid-19 relief work in India and Nepal.

Who are World Vision Taiwan?

World Vision Taiwan offers both international and domestic support for children suffering from hunger, conflict, displacement and barriers to education.

Approximately 20% of Röhlig Taiwan's donation will aid pandemic prevention support in hard-hit countries such as India and Nepal. The remaining money will be used to support educational initiatives for children in Taiwan, including the purchase of laptops to boost children's access to educational resources at home.

It goes without saying that increased access to education fuels the progress of future generations, and our team are delighted to contribute towards this effort. We hope that this donation serves as the foundation for us to learn more about social responsibility and how we can provide further opportunities to level the playing field for all.

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