3 Factors to Consider When Moving Temp-Controlled Pharma

four packages covered with silver thermal blankets
The Röhlig Hyderabad team ensured thermal blankets were used to maintain temperatures of 2-8°C.

2. Lane risk-assessment for temp-controlled pharma


In order to keep the customer fully informed of the associated risks during the transit of the temp-controlled pharma, the Röhlig Hyderabad team provided a full lane risk assessment detailing agreed temperatures, deadlines for delivery and shipment information.

risk assessment pharma index rating of 3.3, temperature exposure in January rated very high, temperature exposure July rated very high, temperature protection rated Excellent, Pharma Quality Management rated excellent, security measures rated very good, duration and complexity rated excellent.
The lane risk assessment provided by Röhlig Hyderabad includes comprehensive information including pharma index ratings.

3. Full control and visibility for the customer


We know that customers want facts when it comes to the safety of their cargo, not empty promises. Our Röhlig Hyderabad team ensured they oversaw operations all the way from supplier to destination in Poland. Full control of this process enhances our ability to keep our customer informed of any and all developments.  What's more, Röhlig customers can also access information about their shipment via our online tracking platform, Röhlig Real Time.


The team also utilised their strong relationships with a trusted and well-known global carrier to avoid delays during this time-critical project.


Equipped with full sense of understanding and accountability surrounding special cargo and storage equipment, the team ensured the temp-controlled pharma reached its destination within the agreed window of 72 hours.   


If you're in need of specialist services just like these, join other satisfied customers who trust in Röhlig India for innovative and customised logistics solutions.


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