Update 2 for Section 301 Trade Actions on Chinese Products


Further to our informational notice of June 18, 2018 we would like to provide you with additional references related to the ongoing Section 301 Investigations and Trade Actions covering products of Chinese origin.

Stage 1: Initial US$ 34 Billion Trade Action

The products covered in this stage, set out in Annex A of Docket Number USTR-2018-0018, were subject to an additional duty of 25% as of July 6, 2018. Exclusion requests are now being accepted by the USTR. Information related to the exclusion process can be found at the following links. Exclusion requests must be submitted to the USTR by October 9, 2018.

Exclusion Process for 34B 25% Items

FR Notice Re Exclusion Process for Section 301 34B Items

Request an Exclusion and View Exclusion Requests

Stage 2: Supplemental US$ 16 Billion Trade Action to Proceed

The USTR has announced in a Press Release that products covered in this stage, originally set out in Annex C of Docket Number USTR-2018-0018, will be assessed an additional duty of 25% effective August 23, 2018. The USTR issued an updated list of tariff lines that will be covered (279 of the original 284) and a link to that list can be found at the end of the press release.

Stage 3: Proposed US$ 200 Billion Trade Action

The products covered by this proposed Trade Action can be found in Docket USTR-2018-0026. These products were originally proposed for an additional duty of 10%. The President has since directed the USTR to consider raising the level of the additional duty in the proposed supplemental action from 10% to 25%, see Update to Docket USTR-2018-0026. The USTR will be accepting Comments on Proposed Tariffs until September 6, 2018.


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As the use of non-traditional sources of information has become the norm, it is increasingly difficult to ensure our clients are provided with the most current data in reference to the current tariffs.

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On August 13, 2019 the US Trade Representative announced that the items listed in phase 4 of the section 301 China tariffs would be split into two groups …

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