Röhlig USA votes for Sarah’s House – Röhlig Charity program 2021

1 September 2021 - In order to raise awareness of our company values "truly reliable, forward thinking, eager for more" this year Röhlig Logistic launched the first "Röhlig Charity" program.
The aim of the project is for all Röhlig countries worldwide to support charitable and environmentally friendly projects. Implementation takes place at country level; in each country, employees will suggest charities or causes that they consider worthy of support or that they may even support themselves.

In the USA, the charity Sarah's House was selected as the winner by the staff. This means that Sarah's House will receive the sum of 6,000 US Dollar from Röhlig's US-organisation. Sarah's House is a woman's and children's homeless shelter. They provide meals, clothes and basic necessities for homeless women and their children.

Sara Benavides, Imports Supervisor at Röhlig USA and the “advocate” of the project, the one who suggested Sarah’s House, explains why she proposed the project: “This shelter is a small local organization which rely a lot upon donations / volunteers from the local community. I began donated a few years back when I heard of it from a friend who had once been helped during time of need.  During Thanksgiving my sister and I will get together and donate a trunk full of groceries to help provide dinner for the families in the shelter.  During Christmas they usually ask for toiletries , baby diapers, jackets and clothing.  A few weeks ago they held a summer event for the children staying at the shelter which hotdogs, snacks, drinks and water actives were all donated so the children could enjoy a normal summer day. For me it is an organization I know truly and genuinely appreciate  any help they can receive that a big corporation does not benefit profit from.  Every dollar / item donated is used to provide for someone who is in need of it.”

Since Sara works in the Röhlig Houston office, she was able to arrange delivery of the donation personally.

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