Market update and peak space management

Market update and peak space management

Author article: Ryan Sponneck, Head of Ocean Freight

The market is experiencing an earlier Peak season this year compared to 2016. A decade ago the traditional Peak in the Asia – Australia trade would start around mid-August reaching peak around late September, early October. With cost cutting and improved inventory management becoming more important, we have seen the traditional peak move to later in the year starting from mid-September and peaking in November.

Last year the market experienced some unique scenarios such as  the Hanjin Shipping collapse and poor weather conditions in North Asia following China Golden Week. The effect of this was that many importers were negatively impacted and suffered space and booking constraints. Fortunately,  Rohlig Logistics pre-empted the Hanjin risk and eliminated exposure with this carrier. Because of the space conditions during peak season last year, many importers may be cautious, moving inventory early and  contributing to an early Peak in 2017.

Peak Space Management tips:

  • Book your shipments as early as possible (ideally a min 2-3 weeks before sailing).
  • Prepare booking forecast well in advance to match your order expectations (if you are unsure ask your supplier to look at your PO’s).
  • 40’HC container shortages are common in the peak due to high market demand – consider shipping 40’GP if you encounter challenges.
  • Aim for consistency – it is far easier for carriers to accommodate expected / regular volumes rather than erratic fluctuations.
  • Prioritise your orders – advise your Customer Service representative which bookings are most important / urgent so that we can prioritise them.
  • Split your bookings across multiple B/L’s – this will reduce your risk as Shipping lines will roll shipments by booking or B/L.
  • Book direct sailings where possible – adding a transhipment leg with effectively double your risk of encountering space issues.
  • Consider a slower transit time – services with a longer transit time are less popular and have less risk of facing rolling.

The team at Rohlig Australia have been planning carefully to manage your requirements this Peak Season and together with your support we can ensure disruptions remain at a minimum.    



Rohlig manages project shipment from Spain to Australia

Rohlig manages project shipment from Spain to Australia

In August, Rohlig Australia handled the transportation of a large project shipment from Spain into Australia. The cargo was 7.25m in diameter and 3.48m in height and will be used in a particle board factory in NSW. The large singular piece represented a challenge in international transportation due to its size. The solution involved two 40 ft roll trailers being joined together using a coupling kit system, which locks the two trailers together. With close monitoring and meticulous planning Rohlig was able to ensure smooth and successful transportation of the cargo to Australia.

They’re back! Stink Bug season begins…

They’re back! Stink Bug season begins…

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has developed the following measures to manage the seasonal risk of brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) infestations in break bulk and containerised sea cargo from the United States and Italy. The measures reinstate mandatory treatment requirements prior to the shipment of some goods.

The target goods’ treatment conditions and season dates are the same as for the 2016-17 season and align with the most recent data.

The 2017-18 BMSB season will mark the first time that the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will be actively targeting goods from Italy.

Click here  to view the information sheet.

Rohlig Australia adds airline retrieval truck to its fleet

Rohlig Australia adds airline retrieval truck to its fleet

Introducing our new airline retrieval truck ‘Big Bad Bluey’. This 14 pallet, 12 Tonne capacity truck allows Rohlig to increase its on road service offering. The new truck will assist with airline cargo retrieval ensuring better efficiency of road transport and faster delivery timeframes to our clients.

“This new truck opens up new load possibilities, allowing greater versatility to service our client needs.  The offering is in line with our strategy to offer ‘more’ to our customers.” says Greg King, Transport and Warehouse Manager, Rohlig Logistics

Millions made available to Australian manufacturing businesses for innovation

Millions made available to Australian manufacturing businesses for innovation

Millions of dollars have been made available to Australian manufacturing businesses, to be used for the development of new and innovative products, or expanding existing ranges into the international market.

The money is being distributed through the Entrepreneurs' Programme, which is part of the Liberal government's sustained efforts to promote innovation in manufacturing.

"I am delighted to announce the funding offered under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme," said Arthur Sinodinos, Minister for Industry, Innovation, and Science.

For more information click here to view the page and video

New Auckland office and warehouse for Rohlig NZ

New Auckland office and warehouse for Rohlig NZ

Rohlig’s Auckland team recently moved into their brand new facility in Mangere combining 740 sqm of office with 6400 sqm of warehouse. Located close to all major transportation hubs, the Auckland contract logistics team offers a broad range of warehousing services including: comprehensive international warehouse services, customs, 3PL and managed transport solutions.

GRIs and industry announcements

GRIs and industry announcements

Export Airfreight cargo ex Auckland - Fuel Restriction

A temporary shut-down of Refining New Zealand’s fuel pipeline to Auckland is restricting the volume of fuel available to all airlines operating from Auckland Airport to 30% of normal usage. The pipeline, carrying aviation fuel into Auckland was damaged and is expecting to take between 10 and 14 days to fix.

Unfortunately, this issue is beyond our control and we are extremely disappointed that this key infrastructure failure is now impacting on our operations and on you, our customers.

A number of measures have been put in place to help reduce the amount of fuel required for flights departing from Auckland. However, all airlines operating ex Auckland are still having to consolidate and cancel some flights, and weight restrict others to meet the target of 30% of normal fuel uptake. 

We have been advised by the airlines they will be restricting cargo, regular and vital shipments, effective immediately and until further notice.

This will be effective for all shipments received from Wednesday 20.09.17.

We are assessing cargo throughput capability and will endeavour to move cargo during this time however, confirmation of movement is on a case by case basis. Further information to come. 


Booking Cancellation Fee - AUS Exports

Maersk Line has introduced a Booking Cancellation tariff with effective date 1 October 2017. A fee of AUD250 per 20’/40’ Dry container will apply in the following situations:

  • Any cargo bookings which are cancelled, reduced or transferred (at Shipper’s request), within a 12-day period immediately prior to the vessel’s proforma ETD at the Australian load ports
  • ​Any new cargo bookings which are placed within the 12-day period prior to the vessel’s proforma ETD will have a 24-hour window immediately after confirmation allowing Shippers to cancel, reduce or transfer cargo at no charge. Any changes made hereafter will incur a Booking Cancellation Fee
  • The Booking Cancellation Fee will apply to the number of containers by which the booking is cancelled, reduced or transferred 

For further information and to view notice  click here


Rohlig Australia National Tariff Update effective 1st October

Dear Valued Rohlig Customer,

Rohlig Australia is committed to providing exceptional levels of service.

To ensure the continued provision of high quality services and capacity to cater for our customer requirements, Rohlig have updated our National Tariff, effective 1st October 2017.

Rate increases within our tariff are a reflection of increases in pricing from suppliers including shipping lines and port terminals.

If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact your local Rohlig Account Manager.

Rohlig wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and look forward to partnering with you in the future.


Qube - International Terminal Fee (ITF) Fee on Import cargo

Vanguard is introducing an International terminal fee (ITF) on all import sea at $30 per gate pass, effective 9th October 2017.

Please see attached announcement for further information.


DP World infrastructure fee Fremantle

DP World Australia have introduced an infrastructure surcharge at their Fremantle terminal.

Council rates and high land taxes and rents have been blamed for DP World Australia’s decision to impose an infrastructure surcharge at Fremantle.

The decision was announced today in a letter to customers from DPWA Fremantle general manager operations, Luke Westlake.

The $8.22 surcharge (excluding GST) per container applies to all full containers received or delivered to or from landside operators. It is to take effect from October 30.

DPWA announced the imposition of or increases in infrastructure surcharges at terminals on the eastern seaboard earlier in the year.

For further information view the article.

September global economic report

September global economic report

To view the report please  click here.