Röhlig Australia support national Foodbank volunteering program

Röhlig Australia support national Foodbank volunteering program

In the lead up to the festive season, Röhlig Australia have teamed up with Foodbank Australia to assist with packing food donations for Australians in need of food relief.

In some states, Röhlig teams volunteered with customers and in other states staff from different departments worked together to pack hampers, label boxes and fill bags with fresh food. 

All will agree that volunteering at FoodBank was a fantastic experience to team build, network with people from other companies and lend a hand to the 3.6 million Australian families who experience food insecurity each year.

"Our customers loved the experience and valued Röhlig’s involvement with FoodBank. What a great opportunity to work together with our clients to support people in our community." Neil Dawson, Melbourne Business Manager.

View this 30 second video of the Sydney team in action volunteering for Foodbank.

If you would like to get involved in volunteering with Röhlig, please contact your Röhlig Account Manager.

We are Röhlig. We are solid, vivid and committed to protecting our environment by promoting sustainable practices throughout our business activities.

Trans-Pacific Partnership to commence in December 2018

Trans-Pacific Partnership to commence in December 2018

The TPP is a comprehensive FTA between Australia and 10 other countries being, Japan, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei. 

Australia has become the 6th country to officially adopt the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the agreement will commence on 30 December 2018.

The TPP works to reduce customs tariffs on a range of goods, but also has comprehensive trade liberalisation provisions concerning trade in services, investment, the environment and labour laws.

While Australia already has FTAs with 7 of the 10 other countries, the TPP will still bring immediate benefits including:

  • For the first time wide ranging duty free entry of goods into Australia from Canada and Mexico (saving of 5%)
  • Increased access for Australian exporters to Canada and Mexico;
  • Significantly improved access to the Japanese agriculture market;
  • Once ratified, generally improved access to Peru;
  • Slightly improved access to Vietnam and Malaysia (once ratified by those countries)

Speak with your Rohlig Customs broker to find out more about the benefits of TPP for your business.

Team Brisbane raise funds at Charity Gala Dinner

Team Brisbane raise funds at Charity Gala Dinner

In September, a team from Rohlig Brisbane and Rohlig customers attended the Braver, Stronger, Smarter (BSS) Charity Gala Dinner. The dinner aims to raise funds to support families fighting childhood cancer.

Hosting the event were Thomas Hansen , Regional Director Rohlig ANZ and Celeste Barrell, Rohlig Brisbane Branch Manager.

"Rohlig has always been a business with strong family values and it is been part of our goal to align with a charity that supports families. Childhood cancer research is a particularly important cause and one that Rohlig Brisbane are very proud to support. Our customers were deeply touched by the opportunity to contribute to this cause"-Celeste Barrell

The gala dinner raised $33,000 for the BSS childhood cancer foundation.

To find out more about this fantastic cause visit:

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Update

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Update

We are now over two months into this year’s Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) season. The 2018 season to date has seen a more severe geographical spread of the bug in comparison to previous years. This has resulted in increased fumigation measures at Australian ports, creating treatment and processing delays throughout the country.

View Röhlig's web blog for detailed information on risk countries and treatment measures.

Illegal logging laws information on due diligence

Illegal logging laws information on due diligence

On Wednesday, 19 September 2018, the department hosted the second of its illegal logging webinars, "Australia's illegal logging laws - A deeper dive on due diligence".

The webinar provided:

  • a detailed examination of the illegal logging law's due diligence requirements
  • a discussion of the different risk assessment methods that can be used in the due diligence process 
  • useful third party resources that can be used to support the due diligence process
  • information on what happens when a business is selected by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for a compliance assessment.

The department has uploaded a video recording of the webinar to our illegal logging webpages and downloadable copies of the webinar slides. You can find these here.

A copy of the first illegal logging webinar, "Australia's illegal logging laws - Your responsibilities as an importer", is also available on the same page.

General Rate Increases and Industry notifications

General Rate Increases and Industry notifications

Revised Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS) for Dry / Reefer Cargo

Effective 1st December, 2018, carriers have increased the Emergency Bunker Surcharge to:

  • USD $100/TEU for dry containers
  • USD $130/TEU for reefer containers

The increased amount will be effective for all trade lanes to / from Australia as of 1st December 2018 with the following exceptions:

* Not applicable for trades between or within Australia and New Zealand.
* The application date from USA to Oceania will be 2nd December 2018

Download pdf for official notice.


Export Air Cargo Security is changing on 1 March 2019

From 1 March 2019, export air cargo, regardless of destination, will need to be examined at piece-level or originate from a Known Consignor.
This change is necessary to ensure that Australia is responding to evolving terrorist threats.

This change may affect your airfreight shipments with possible delays and cost increases.

Download pdf for official notice


Extensive delays on the Rhine River Germany

A low water situation along the Rhine River in Germany has caused a scarcity of barge

Tonnage and the overflow of cargo to the rail network is causing extensive backlogs in the inland terminals.

We strongly recommend that customers choose ALL MOTOR (truck) as the preferred mode of transport to/from Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Please be advised that if you proceed with quoted rate there is likely to be major delays or if guaranteed pickup is selected there will be additional charges.

Download pdf for official notice

November Global Economic Report

November Global Economic Report

Click here to download a PDF of the report.