Rohlig Market Summary

Rohlig Market Summary

This month we see market rates ex Asia remain stable despite carriers announcing a rate increase for mid-May.

Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF), fuel taxes have also increased marginally on the European Trade Lanes however, the USA BAF rate remains stable.

“Despite a GRI notice being released in mid-May we expect rates to remain stable.” says Martin Fernandez, Rohlig Australia’s National Procurement Manager.

“The BAF Fuel Tax has gone up slightly on the European trade lanes so we can expect rate increases in this area shortly. “

Federal Budget changes effect processing of EPBS

Federal Budget changes effect processing of EPBS

Last week the 2016/17 Federal Budget was handed down and there are changes to superannuation and minor tax breaks that are important for importers and exporters of goods.

Top of the list for many is the end of the Enhanced Project Bylaw Scheme (EPBS) and the confirmation of duty deferral for Trusted Traders.

These announcements may have come as a surprise to some and for others they may represent significant financial considerations.

For any customer who is looking at applying for EPBS, you may now need to look at writing tariff concessions to ensure duty free importations and exemptions apply.

For advice on the Project Bylaws Scheme and expert consultancy advice including applying for tariff concessions on your behalf, CustomTrade Consultancy can help.

CustomTrade Consultancy is a customs consulting service which guarantees compliance and generates opportunity for savings.

Contact Katherine Munoz for more information.

Katherine Munoz
CBFCA (Senior Associate)/ National CustomTrade Consulting Manager
Ph: (02) 9931 3330

For further information and to view a Budget update click here.

China-Australia Free Trade begins showing results

China-Australia Free Trade begins showing results

Trade data from the first three months of 2016 show encouraging early signs that the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is encouraging trade between the two countries.

Over January to March 2016, imports of Australian wine into China were worth $200m – a 60% increase over the previous year’s numbers, as tariffs were reduced from 14% to 8.4%.

Other products also saw increased Chinese importation, including fresh mangoes, fresh abalone, fresh and frozen boneless beef, various types of cheese and hay and chaff.

Also, Australia imported more titanium for pigments, unwrought zinc and various mixed food preparations from China since the agreement was instituted.

ChAFTA came into effect in late December of last year, and when fully implemented is to allow 96% of Australian goods to enter China duty free.

Source: Loyds List

Revision to Menzies Terminal Service Fees

Revision to Menzies Terminal Service Fees

Rohlig Australia is pleased to announce that Menzies Aviation has revised a rate announcement charging fees for loading cargo onto aircraft. This rate rise was due to take  effect on 18 April 2016.

Rohlig Australia, selected freight forwarders and airline customers entered into consultation with Menzies Aviation to negotiate a better outcome for our industry.

“We always strive to get the best result for our customers and by lobbying with industry bodies we were able to affect changes to this rate rise” says Hany Amer, Rohlig Australia’s Managing Director.

“As a direct result of these negotiations, Menzies Aviation have fully revised their Terminal Handling Fees and there will be no additional charges to customers. We are pleased with the positive  outcome of these discussions and the revision of the announcement.”

See attached notification for further details.

Rohlig moves flagship Comme des Garcons store to Melbourne

Rohlig moves flagship Comme des Garcons store to Melbourne

It turns out that pockets can have style, too, and there's none more stylish than Comme des Garçons Pocket. The cult Japanese label has set up its first Australian retail space in an inconspicuous laneway pocket, from where its playful Play line's cheeky heart logo pops against minimal shelving. It's a little bit Melbourne and a little bit signature Comme des Garçons - all proudly moved by Rohlig Australia!

Clothing and fragrances for the project were fast shipped from Japan and wallets from Paris - direct to Melbourne. The timelines were tight and stock had to be delivered within specific timeframes to ensure the pop up store was stocked in time for the opening of the store.

"I have a long and trusting relationship with Rohlig, they have assisted me with opening two Comme des Garcons stores over the last three years.” Said Christine St Clair, Managing Director of Comme des Garcons Pocket store.

“It was only natural that I called upon them again to help with a very tight deadline to arrange the shipment of several large orders of stock to open Comme des Garcons first flag ship store for Australia in Melbourne.

“The service that Rohlig provides me with is world class. I have peace of mind that my orders will always be delivered on time.”

For additional information click here.

Customs: New Treatment for Wood shipments to Brazil

Customs: New Treatment for Wood shipments to Brazil

From 1st February all air and sea shipments to Brazil which include wood or wooden packaging will need a heat treatment/fumigation certificate and an International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) stamp. International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15) stamping will not be enough to guarantee customs entry.

All wooden packages of cargo going to Brazilian ports and airports must be fumigated and treated in origin. Wood shipments include all kinds of wooden articles  including packaging, pallet, block, support or any piece of wood inside the container.

Brazilian Port and Airport Authorities will return any untreated wood or full container shipments back to origin. These returns will incur extra costs for importers and exporters.

Legislative requirements for chain of responsibility

Legislative requirements for chain of responsibility

If you consign, pack, load or receive goods as part of your business, you could be held legally liable for breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) even though you have no direct role in driving or operating a heavy vehicle. In addition, corporate entities, directors, partners and managers are accountable for the actions of people under their control. This is the ‘chain of responsibility’ (COR).

The aim of COR is to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares equal responsibility for ensuring breaches of the HVNL do not occur. Under COR laws if you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any transport task, you are part of the supply chain and therefore have a responsibility to ensure the HVNL is complied with.

The law recognises that multiple parties may be responsible for offences committed by the drivers and operators of heavy vehicles. A person may be a party in the supply chain in more than one way. For example they may have duties as the employer, the operator and the consigner of goods.

April Global Economic report

April Global Economic report

See attached pdf for details.


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