Updates to BMSB Seasonal Measures

30 August 2018.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources continue to refresh their policy to provide the best solutions for both the Australian environment and the International Trade Industry.

We envisage that the industry will experience significant delays of sea freight shipments imported from BMSB risk countries due to treatment and quarantine inspection requirements.

We are in the final stages of building a robust global process to manage the BMSB requirements and are confident we will provide the most efficient solutions to our customers.

Treatment requirements by transport mode:

-  LCL shipments from risk countries will be treated.

-  FCL treatment requirements depend on the risk category of your products (view our detailed pdf here)

-  Break Bulk & RoRo requires mandatory offshore treatment

Rohlig recommends offshore treatment is conducted to mitigate the risk of delays and container storage and detention charges in Australia.

If your cargo cannot be treated, please notify your customer service representative to discuss alternative options.

It is important to note that fumigation costs will occur and will be variable based on size and load of cargo, country of origin and treatment levels. Rohlig Australia will implement a BMSB management fee to cover costs of fumigation management. We will keep you updated with pricing information once confirmed.

Please contact your Rohlig customer service representative for the most updated information.

Detailed information released by the Department of Agriculture can be found here.