Australian Government introduces piece level screening for all airfreight leaving Australia

Effective March 1st, the department of home affairs is introducing further security controls in order to help safeguard international aviation from terrorist threats.

Currently, any cargo to or via the USA needs to have piece level screening or originate from a government approved known consignor prior to being accepted for airfreight. From March 1st this will now take place for all export airfreight, regardless of destination.

Australian shippers have two options under the new regulations from March 1st, 2019:

1. Become a known consignor

2.Submit cargo for piece level screening

Known consignor scheme:

The known consignor scheme is a way for a shipper to meet the new security regulations, rather than have an approved premises conduct the security screen on their behalf. We encourage you to visit the website and check if your business can meet these requirements by clicking here.

Piece level screening:

For the majority of shippers, the expense of meeting the known consignor scheme means piece level screening will be the most suitable option. At Rohlig we are currently implementing solutions to handle screening in each state. In our busiest locations in Sydney and Melbourne, we will be transitioning to a regulated air-cargo agent ( RACA ) and will screen cargo at our local facilities. The new regulations will bolster security for all air travellers, though there will be a cost involved for the screening process. Pricing will be finalised in the new year and we will send out a notice outlining the change.

For the official notice released by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, please click here.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Röhlig Australia representative.

Brett Smith - Airfreight Product Manager