Röhlig is confident regarding 2012

Significant rise in gross profit and profit

Bremen. Röhlig, the Bremen-based freight forwarding company is one of the first in its sector to release preliminary figures for 2011. The group's gross profit increased by Euro 19 million to over Euro 141 million, whilst the company's gross profit rose by almost 16% from Euro 83 million to Euro 96 million.

" However, this rapid rise in growth was not at the expense of profit. Compared to the previous year, our earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) improved by 18% to Euro 15 million," said Chief Financial Officer, Hans-Ludger Koerner, expressing his satisfaction.

The strongest growth was seen in the markets of North and South America where Röhlig experienced a 48% increase in shipment transactions. Röhlig's subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific regions experienced double digit growth. "It is noticeable that Europe is suffering under the Euro crisis, in particular we are watching with concern economic developments in Italy and Spain," observed Chief Operating Officer Quentin Lacoste. In the German market, Röhlig has experienced moderate growth although pressure has been felt on profit margins.

Managing Partner Thomas Herwig sees Röhlig heading in the right direction. Besides the company’s presence in the world’s growth regions, its employee development and IT knowledge set benchmarks within the logistics sector.

„Nowadays we have at our disposal the necessary infrastructure as well as qualified managers that enable us to establish new subsidiaries abroad as well as to integrate new acquisitions.” A recent example of this is when the American joint venture, Weiss-Röhlig USA, which had acquired SeaJet from Boston in October 2011, managed to complete the merger of the acquired company within four weeks.

Herwig continues to envisage good growth prospects for 2012. "We are not currently affected by the world crisis that is engulfing world trade. In 2011, we grew steadily and in the last three months achieved by far and away the best ever quarterly results. 2012 has also made a respectable start."


Röhlig Logistics

Röhlig is an owner run forwarding company, that offers logistics solutions in the field of sea freight, air freight and industrial project logistics. The Röhlig network contains more than 2,000 employees in 31 countries.