Röhlig invests in South America

Röhlig announced today that it has purchased 50% of the Procargo Group their long term Premium Agent partner in South America.

Global expansion is an important element of Röhlig’s 2018 Strategy. By buying into their long term Premium Agent Procargo Group, Röhlig expands into 4 new countries, where it will operate under the name of Röhlig-Procargo, further strengthening its position in the South American market.

While the Procargo Group employs 85 staff in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, Röhlig employs 30 staff in Chile. The additional 7 new branch offices will bring its Latin America network presence to 5 countries and 10 offices.

In addition Röhlig has also taking over 100% of the Procargo Miami operation via Weiss-Röhlig USA. The Weiss-Röhlig and Procargo Miami offices will be merged with 25 staff, own warehouse and serve as the Latin America gateway.

“Investing into Procargo will create opportunities for our network to further develop additional business to and from South America. Together we will combine Röhlig’s strong international brand and network with the large sales force and local market knowledge of the Procargo Group covering 4 additional countries” said Michael Gerding, newly designated Managing Director of Röhlig-Procargo Argentina, currently Röhlig Group Agency Network Manager, Bremen.

The former Procargo owners, Mr Nelson Saturno, and Mr Pablo Martinez as members of the new Röhlig Latin America management board will continue to drive sales development in the region.

Meanwhile, as a result of the newly restructured Röhlig Holding Board of Directors, Mr Ian Hamon has taken up his new position as CEO Americas / Africa and will soon move to Miami. “With our new expansion in the region together with our existing Röhlig subsidiary in Chile and our strong Premium Agent Network across Latin America, we demonstrate our willingness to increase our footprint in the region offering our customers a High Quality, High Tech & High Touch service in one of the world’s key growth regions.”