Röhlig Contract Logistics: Expanding its global service offer

Bremen/Johannesburg. On the occasion of the International Supply Chain Day on 19 April 2018, Röhlig Logistics provided insight into its growing worldwide contract logistics business. Representing Röhlig’s global network, its South African subsidiary Röhlig-Grindrod in partnership with the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC opened the doors of its newly launched warehouse in Johannesburg to visitors from multiple industries.

Global service offer of Röhlig Contract Logistics

Röhlig-Grindrod’s Johannesburg warehouse forms part of Röhlig’s global Contract Logistics business unit. Harald Schefft, Director Global Contract Logistics at Röhlig: “Our contract logistics team develops concepts tailored to our customers’ requirements and coordinates their implementation worldwide. We strive to help reduce customers’ costs and thereby make a positive impact on the overall performance of their logistics activities.”
Röhlig provides its customers with a global network of currently about 25 warehousing facilities   worldwide, offering a total of 300,000 sqm. As Harald Schefft goes on to explain, “We are constantly expanding our global contract logistics footprint. In 2017, beside the new facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, we launched new warehouses in France, New Zealand and Singapore. Driven by the growing ecommerce business and its demand for short lead times, the global contract logistics market is experiencing strong growth. We are adapting our global profile to these market requirements.”

Johannesburg warehouse of Röhlig-Grindrod South Africa

The new Johannesburg warehouse is the centrepiece of Röhlig-Grindrod’s warehousing services in South Africa. Launched in 2017, the Johannesburg warehouse is a state-of-the-art facility featuring 21,000 sqm of floor space and offering capacity for 27,300 pallets. Ross Marlton, General Manager Contract Logistics at Röhlig-Grindrod: “We provide a complete solution to our customers, combining our infrastructure with the world’s leading warehouse management system technology. We aim to treat our customers as the individual and dynamic businesses that they are.”

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Picture 1: Ross Marlton, Röhlig-Grindrod General Manager Contract Logistics, presenting the warehouse to clients and guests
Picture 2: Clients and guests tour of the warehouse guided by Ross Marlton, Röhlig-Grindrod General Manager Contract Logistics
Picture 3: Clients and guests listening to guest speakers inside the warehouse

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Röhlig-Grindrod Johannesburg Warehouse Flyer