Röhlig accelerates the pace of growth

The company reports record increase in sales and gross profit

Bremen. The Bremen-based logistics service provider Röhlig has concluded the 2010 business year with the second best result in its history.


The market upswing over the recent years is reflected significantly in Röhlig’s financial data. With € 122.1 million, the Group gross profit has increased to a record level, while earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) showed a four-and-a-half-fold increase to € 12.4 million.


Hans-Ludger Körner, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Röhlig, pinpoints two particular reasons for this positive development: "The dynamic growth of the economies in Asia and the Americas, but also in Germany, has contributed considerably to the recovery of world trade over the past year. But it was also our crisis management strategy in 2009 that put us on the right track – we can say today that it laid the foundation for our exceptional growth and positive earnings development", says Körner further.

Instead of downsizing the core staff during the crisis, Röhlig has focused on its core products of sea- and airfreight, and has invested heavily in the sales of its services. Moreover, and despite the crisis, Röhlig has continued to invest in the development of its global IT-infrastructure and the training of its employees.

"Our level-headed response to the worst economic crisis of the past sixty years has paid off in the end", says Thomas W. Herwig, Röhlig’s managing partner visibly delighted, adding: "The recovery in air cargo began in November 2009, while sea cargo started to pick up towards the end of February 2010. In both areas we were well prepared both mentally and in terms of our personnel to cope with a job- and cargo increase of more than twenty percent."


Hans-Ludger Körner highlights the financial strength of Röhlig. Despite a revenue growth of 45.5%, the equity ratio increased from 26 to 29 percent. “Without debts you fall asleep more easily at night”, he says with a smile.


Röhlig looks forward with optimism. "In the coming years we see considerable potential for growth, especially in the emerging countries on the routes between South America and Asia, as well as for the inner-Asian trade lanes", says Quentin Lacoste, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Röhlig, adding: "These are regions where we have expanded our network considerably over the recent years".


Because of its forward-looking and long-term corporate policy, Röhlig’s Executive Board is convinced that the Group will achieve at least its growth target of 15 percent, and that the good results and positive business development will continue. Röhlig maintains its focus on responsible and profitable growth, and is optimistic about the coming fiscal years.


Röhlig is a global logistics company headquartered in Bremen with subsidiaries in Europe, Africa, North and South America, as well as the Asia/Pacific region. The Röhlig network covers 29 countries.