Röhlig blue-net

Efficient logistics require intelligent communication technology, as the rapid flow of information is just as important as the movement of physical goods. Our subsidiary Röhlig blue-net provides the IT infrastructure for our logistics solutions.


A global IT landscape enables Röhlig blue-net to efficiently manage the flow of data in logistics processes. Be it in the Röhlig office in Sydney or in Paris, staff all over the world work with one standardised IT system. Röhlig blue-net experts are responsible for the entire technical administration. Accordingly, IT staff are available worldwide to ensure round-the-clock system support.


Röhlig blue-net offers tailor-made, fast and flexible IT services to customers and suppliers. Customised interfaces and web solutions enable the smooth exchange of information. And thanks to a process of continuous development, products are permanently optimised.


A variety of security systems ensure maximum data security in the Röhlig blue-net data centres. The servers process 900 terabytes of data per year. The redundant design of the server systems allows Röhlig blue-net to provide a high-performance system for our global logistics.

Green IT

In order to conserve resources and fully utilise the systems, blue-net relies on virtual servers: up to 30 virtual server systems run on one physical server. What’s more, the available processing power is regulated automatically as and when required.