Annual Report 2020: Röhlig Logistics doubles EBIT - successful growth even in times of the Corona pandemic

Our year 2020 in words, images and numbers

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Röhlig Logistics: Annual Report 2020



The 2020 financial year is hard to squeeze into a report format. Too much has radically changed – in people’s day-to-day lives around the world, in the global economy and in logistics at any rate. We at Röhlig Logistics have also grown with this exceptional year, in a way that can only be im - perfectly expressed in business figures

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Positive overall development despite COVID-19

Find out how the COVID-19 pandemic affected service areas and how Röhlig promotes staff motivation during the pandemic.

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Financial performance and financial position

Röhlig Logistics doubles EBIT - successful growth even in time of Corona.

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Developments in the divisions and regions

Positive effects from Germany, Asia and Latin America. Air freight and contract logistics develop positively.

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Find out what forecasts we expect for the industry and how we are ensuring profitable growth with our Blue Star strategy programme

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Por Qué Röhlig
Por Qué Röhlig

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