We offer logistics and supply chain services, our priority is providing our clients with highly professional customer service.

We are a logistics company with a global reach. Our complementary range of services, including road, sea, air and rail transport, warehousing and customer services is designed to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, to meet their unique needs. Our contract portfolio includes regular and multi-product agreements signed with leading companies in the market.

A glimpse of
ROHLIG SUUS Logistics Hungary

Year of establishment


Main airports
Budapest, Debrecen, Sármellék, Győr-Pér, Pécs-Pogány, Fertőszentmiklós, Nyíregyháza, Siófok, Szeged

Managing Director
Milán Oszlánszki

Head office address
Wass Albert u. 10, HU-2220 Vecsés