Rohlig Australia expands service offering with 3PL in Melbourne

Rohlig Australia expands service offering with 3PL in Melbourne

Excitement is building in Melbourne as we prepare to expand operations with the opening of a new branch office and warehouse in June. The Melbourne branch will move to Truganina, 21kms west of Melbourne's Central Business District, with access to main arterial roads, freeways and customer distribution centres.

The purpose built 9,000sqm facility contains 8000sqm of warehouse space with state of the art 3PL offering, customs and quarantine approved bond, 40m wide hard-stand, 4 recessed docks, 4 on-grade docks, 15m canopy, container packing and unpacking services. Our team will also relocate to a tech enabled office incorporating the latest office design concepts.

Rohlig Australia’s Managing Director, Hany Amer said, “the Truganina facility represents the first step in our national growth strategy and fulfils our client facing commitment to “Expand our Service portfolio”. We will now offer clients a greater number of services, giving them more choice and improving the “ease of doing business” with us.

Please view this video link for an exclusive look at Rohlig’s new warehouse space and office.

IT integration through EDI ensures better visibility and lowers costs

IT integration through EDI ensures better visibility and lowers costs

By moving from a paper-based exchange of business documents to one that is electronic, businesses enjoy major benefits such as increased efficiency in processing, improved partner relationships, reduction in errors and therefore a reduction in costs.

What is EDI ?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables the exchange of structured data such as transport orders, delivery notes, customs documentation and all other business information to be collected and exchanged electronically and automatically. Exchanging documents electronically improves transaction speed and visibility while decreasing cost of manual processes.  

EDI also assists businesses in realising many other benefits and meeting environmental targets.

Business benefits

  • Single data entry realises reduction in time, cost and errors
  • Business processes can be modelled and are more sophisticated than traditional paper based processes
  • Transparency of real-time data in the system allows accurate warehouse inventory
  • Resources can be deployed to value adding tasks

Environmental benefits

  • Saves energy
  • Reduces paper consumption (letters, fax, email printouts, reports) increasing sustainability
  • Reduces requirements for additional hardware (tracking and reporting servers, fax, phone,...) lowering consumption

Data protocols & formats

EDI can be processed in various data protocols and formats.

Rohlig supports:

Data protocolls: FTP, Secure FTP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, Web Services, X.400, OFTP, AS2, SAP RFC idoc, ...

Data formats: UN/EDIFACT, ANSI X12, XML, CSV, Flat-file, ...

Rohlig supports EDI and integration as ‘best practice’ for business in Australia. If you would like to find out more on how we implement EDI for our customers business processes, please speak with your local Account Manager.

Rohlig Australia launches Green Transportation option

Rohlig Australia launches Green Transportation option

Offset today and turn emissions into trees

Röhlig Australia is offering customers the opportunity to offset their goods transportation and gas emissions. We provide various types of carbon offsetting products, each of which has benefits, verification and accreditation.

One of the most popular is the Forest Protection option in Tasmania. This project promotes improved forestry management on private land by bringing and supporting groups of local landholders to protect areas of forest that would have otherwise been logged.

Best of all, It’s very simple to offset. When a shipment is ordered, simply notify your Rohlig account manager that you want to offset its climatic impact and we will calculate the carbon footprint for that specific shipment or period of time.  It’s Easy, fast and GREEN!

To find out more on how carbon offsetting works, watch the video below:

Carbon Neutral Video

Chain of Responsibility Legislation ensures compliance across the supply chain

Chain of Responsibility Legislation ensures compliance across the supply chain

Chain of Responsibility (CoR), part of Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) legislation, has been introduced into Western Australia from 27 April 2015.

This legislation will impose obligations on all parties in the supply chain to ensure the weights of sea freight containers and their contents being transported by road are accurately stated. It will take responsibility beyond the drivers and road transport operators to the consignors of the freight, the vehicle owners, the packers, management and receivers.

All supply chain participants will be required to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance.

  • The general objectives of the national model bill are to:
  • Improve road safety
  • Reduce infrastructure damage
  • Improve deterrence and enforcement
  • Promote a level playing field for industry
  • Improve business efficiency and compliance  

In complying with the legislation we require that all customers supply Rohlig with a Container Weight Declaration (CWD) for Import containers that are not moved through Rohlig forwarding. These will be sent out on a shipment by shipment basis.

Rohlig will complete the CWD for all containers moved through our forwarding as we will utilise the information given to us by Origin and the Supplier. 

If a CWD is not supplied then we will be unable to transport your container.

This legislation is of national importance and affects not only businesses in Western Australia but any business that operates nationally and imports/exports with Western Australia.

For additional information on the Chain of Responsibility Legislation please visit Main Roads Western Australia.

Emergency Measures cease for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

Emergency Measures cease for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

Who does this notice affect?​

This notice is of interest to clients in the import and shipping industry, including importers and customs brokers associated with the importation of targeted break bulk and containerised vehicles (including boats), machinery, and automotive parts shipped from the United States.

What has changed?

The Department of Agriculture  will cease the emergency measures for the stink bugs from 1 May 2015. This means that target goods arriving on or after this date will no longer be subject to pre-shipment treatment requirements.

For additional information please see the attached pdf.

General Rate Increases (GRI)

General Rate Increases (GRI)

United States and Canada to Australia and New Zealand

Effective June 15, 2015 carriers will increase rates for all cargo and all container types from the United States and Canada via East, Gulf and West Coast ports of load to Australia and New Zealand by the following:

  • USD 175 per 20' Container
  • USD 350 per 40' Container


North East Asia to Australia

Effective 15th May, 2015 carriers have increased rates for cargo for shipment ex North East Asia to Australia by the following:

  • USD 300.00/TEU    

North East Asia comprises China, Hong Kong , Korean, Japan and Taiwan.

April Global Economic report

April Global Economic report

See attached pdf for details.


We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to service your logistics needs.  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact your Rohlig Australia Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.

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