Updates to BMSB Seasonal Measures

The Department of Agriculture and Water resources have refreshed their fumigation policies for the 2018/19 BMSB season.

Fumigation Treatment for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB)

Seasonal measures have been finalised for the BMSB 2018-19 high risk season.

Direct to wharf container de-hire fee

Container transport companies are introducing a Direct Terminal De-Hire Fee.

Industry Announcement

Industry Announcement from Rohlig Australia

Air and Ocean Market Review 2017

Review about Air and Ocean market from Rohlig Australia Managers

Changes to the Quarantine Packing Declaration

A new packing declaration has been created to include the use of bamboo packaging material. The old format will expire on 30th June 2018.

Change of address Rohlig LA Warehouse

We would like to acknowledge recent service challenges ex Los Angeles due to our 3rd party warehouse provider combined with peak season space restrictions. 

Rohlig builds independent network with Weiss-Rohlig offices becoming Rohlig

With global logistics requiring a global presence, we at Röhlig are entering exciting times by building our own independent network. To build this network,...

Hanjin Shipping files for receivership - delays expected

The terminals are now essentially looking for Hanjin to settle outstanding accounts before releasing containers...